HDTV: It's not just crisper images and richer sound

Further indications that HDTV will be used for ill.

Even instincts and emotions can be changed. In another study by Dr. Delgado, a mother giving continuous care to her baby suddenly pushed the infant away whenever the signal was given.

US PATENT # 4,858,612, issued to Philip Stocklin Dec. 19, 1983, is "For direct transmission of sound into the human auditory cortex [a section of the brain]."

Since Dr. Delgado's comparatively crude experiments over 30 and 40 years ago, a complete record of the advances being made in the field of remotely controlling other living beings has been published in the scientific literature-and in the U.S. Patent Office.

The desire to remotely control animals and people goes back as far as the desire to remotely control machines and for the same reasons. The New York Times reported May 17, 1965, that Dr. Jose Delgado of the Yale University School of Medicine had remotely taken control of a fighting bull with silent sounds during an experiment conducted the previous year in Cordoba, Spain.

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xabmol3793d ago

Damn Illuminati! >.>

Pretty soon I'll be forced to drink bottled water because the tap will be poisoned with fluoride. Ah, hell. At least they are about to legalize cannabis here, so I prolly wont give a damn.

RustyAuto3793d ago

do you live? and do you need a room mate? :)

theKiller3793d ago

"the arrivals"

its a series which talks about New World Order,the arrival of antichrist and Jesus and Mehdi and much more!

Immortal Kaim3793d ago

Who needs secret, subliminal mind control when they already control the masses out in the open for everyone to see (though people are blind to it)? It's called the media.

indysurfn3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Dang you said flouride! Hmmm the masses are catching on, let us increase the dosage make them more passive! Sir I want my third pupil, and cornea to start back to working! NO! Now where is my DMT!

Sarcasm3793d ago

What? This article is BS. There is NO mind control. I love HDTV, I love Blu-Rays, and I love HD gaming.


Must... join... The Marines...

Tempist3792d ago

Anyone sporting a tinfoil hat, please prodceed to your nearest corner for a time out.

TheBand1t3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )


Tito Jackson3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Get out your tinfoil hats, kids lol.

r2kcipher3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

I use to follow all this stuff on youtube about a year ago. I found that i was just waiting for something to happen and guess what nothing did. So here is a scenario for you paranoid people of n4g.

Lets just say none of these outlandish theories are real. And all these prison camps are truly to protect the American public.

Just maybe our government anticipated another depression like the one in the 1930's. And knowing that all the obese and lazy people are gonna get pissed. When they find out supermakets are no longer stocked with their favorite greasy foods, and their favorite tv shows are taken off air. They will then have to blame someone (we all know we are not responsible for our own problems) so they blame the government. Giving power to Alex Jones and others like him (maybe they are the actual alien reptile super androids aka A.R.S.A. and they waiting for all this to happen so they can take over). We all know what happens when a huge amount of a population is unhappy with their government CHAOS. The government and all sane people dont want chaos. so they throw all these rebels into the FEMA camps. And life goes on in America. Except for half the population that are stuck in the camps making our greasy food, shiny electronics, and tv shows. Happy ever after!!

This sounds like it would make a good book. Off to write it!

edgeofblade3789d ago

Conspiracy theorists piss me off. Especially 9/11 theorists. Wasn't that a big enough conspiracy already? Why do we have to always add another layer to make things more interesting.

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freakyzeeky3793d ago

"The coming conversion to HDTV has been orchestrated to free the airwaves for the potential puppeting of mankind. It is difficult to imagine any other reason why the government would be so concerned about our television viewing habits. When government can dictate every thought, every emotion and every movement in each member of society, we all become electronic toys remotely controllable for political and commercial purposes."

Hahaha, seriously? Yeah... that's a good one. XD

ChickeyCantor3793d ago

You do realise that they did the same with image right?
They sometimes pop a frame in there that our eyes can't see but our brains pick it up eitherway. I think the coca cola company also did this.

We can laugh and joke about it but media can be a real dramatic weapon and people won't even realize it.

freakyzeeky3793d ago

I know sometimes television transmits a frame (or multiple) for advertising their product(s)onto our subconscious minds. But puppeting mankind? For them to transmit signals through our HDTVs to paralyze us while Big Brother troops to come into our homes to loot our valuables and children or whatnot just sounds far fetched, and downright ludicrous.

Is the possibly for that happening scientifically possible? I don't know... the article itself could just be propaganda.

Awookie3793d ago

Please, there is always freewill just like hypnosis this is bullshit. And for this to actually happen so many people would have to be involved television, government, companies and until they control the internet that info will get out and people wont stand for it.

Proxy3793d ago

What would it take to prove this true?

What would it take to prove this false?

It seems a pretty baseless assumption that they can control a human being with sounds. Why not give us a little proof, why not show me a dog or any animal being controlled. Surely such a thing could be easily video tapped and published.

Just like any government conspiracy.

The government denies it because it's secrete.
The independent investigation didn't find it because it's super secrete.
Your entire mountain of evidence against my theory means nothing, because it's super super secrete.

I can't really offer proof, because it's so secrete.

Can't be proven true? Can't be proven false? It's just another conspiracy.

ChickeyCantor3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Well, i don't know how it works, but it does influence people thoughts. Coca Cola did it to make people feel thirsty, so who knows what impact it can have though...

But the world is already going to hell and there will be a new war soon. People are already pushed into the idea that something "fearful" is among us. Minority report becomes more realistic. This article sounds far fetch, but then it really?

( the reason i say " minority report " becomes more realistic is, because recently here in the netherlands we got these cards, cards we can use for public transportation. We can use it to open the "gates" on train stations, its basically a log-in/log-out system. So in other words they know where we log in and log out...and it all seems so innocent now, but this is just the beginning.)

No matter how farfectched this thing sounds, Corruption is among us and we all know it.

komp3793d ago

Dont be to sure....

"Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO! (SPECIAL EDITION)"

What Camps?

Yeah those!!

Awookie3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Yup even our four fathers knew keeping the government small is the best way to do things yet the government convinces the public majority (sheep) to love the DEA, CIA, FBI all this bullshit that is just giving them more power, hindering our human rights and raising our taxes. Fvcking terrible times we live in.

pixelsword3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

...when you say "conspiracy theory" you are basically saying that the statement made by the person you are attempting to accuse is true.

Conspiracy: An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

Theory: A set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena, especially one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena.

Ergo, you are agreeing with him. :)

heroicjanitor3793d ago

o.0?! You had four fathers? Gayness gone mad!!!

Proxy3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

"when you say 'conspiracy theory' you are basically saying that the statement made by the person you are attempting to accuse is true."

No. I never said the "theory" was true. It might be true, it might not.

A theory a only an idea. A theory has not been proven true; a theory has not been proven false.

That's why it's important to ask what would be needed to prove a theory true or false.

In this case, a demonstration would be needed to prove the validity of the theory. Why has there not been a demonstration?

What would you need to disprove the theory? If you had a group of people who WANTED to be subliminally influenced, but could not be, that would be a good disproof.

Consider this from wiki:
"237 volunteers were provided with tapes of three manufacturers and completed post tests after one month of use. The study showed clearly that subliminal audiotapes made to boost self-esteem did not produce [any] effects."

Gue13793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I have watched tv like only 5 times so far this year, and that would be like less than 5 hours. Yeah, above the influence!

Everytime I say something like this to someone they say: "How tha f can you live without watching tv?"

Well, I just don't care for it. I hate MTV, VH1 and the rest, I don't care about HBO, I prefer to rent the movie or download it ilegally. Most of the shows that I watch like: "The Sarah Connor Chronicles", "general anime", "Big Love", "Entourage" I just watch them online. Plus I waste a lot of time playing video games...

My point? I don't care for this article cuz I don't watch tv. LoL ;-)


comment 0.1 <--- WTF?

BTW, Panasonic has a new HDTV that has a refresh rate of 600hz!!! HOLY S...!!!!!

pixelsword3793d ago

when you use the word "theory", the definition points that the subject is established in truth that was tested to the degree that it's widely accepted as true enough to make a prediction based upon the said tried and tested facts or phenomena.

A theory doesn't just mean a "guess"; by definition it means a guess based upon established facts: so when you said "What would it take to prove this true?" you are in error because the facts that you argued against are already established through the patent numbers. The poster nor writer makes no supposition upon the facts that the technology works (as per the "patent numbers", which they don't just give patents away), the supposition the writer claims was made as to why HDTV's were brought into the homes of Americans. So, when you said "It seems a pretty baseless assumption that they can control a human being with sounds" you were referring to the established fact (through the patents) and not the actual theory (why HDTV's were brought into the home).

Furthermore, when you ask why there wasn't a public demonstration gives direct credence to "Conspiracy"; as an untested, malicious device whose abilities are hidden from public display yet forced upon the populace would definitely be "wrongful" as I stated earlier.

And when you said "Can't be proven true? Can't be proven false? It's just another conspiracy" is again the "lay" term for the word conspiracy, not the textbook definition; as you just said "it's just another 'agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act'."

...which is why I said when you use that term, you're basically agreeing with the writer.



RemmM3793d ago

Many will. but not enough. You guys better becareful about the digital converter boxes. The fact that the US government is actually paying for us to get the digital converter boxes are strange enough but yeah, INSIDE of the digital converter boxes are a built in camera and a mic to listen to our conversations and watch us. Its invasion of our privacy and its illegal. With Obama passing bills left and right, its a matter of time before martial law comes and we are waken up in the middle of the night at 4AM to be taken to concentration camps. This is also why they want to confiscate our guns. So that we are at the mercy of this tyrannical government. Bush has tripled Government power and Obama will increase it even more... we are in trouble. But I'm sure many of us Americans don't want to hear about it and just want to stay home playing out X Box 360s and PS3s without a care in the world because we like to think we FEEL safe.. People have ignored the truth for far too long. The reason why we were sent to war in the first place is to reek havoc all over the take down our economy and to make it a GLOBAL issue..the New World Order is coming very soon.. And when that happens, it will FINALLY legitamize me as a NON-wacko and it'll finally get through some of you ignorant people.

ParanoidMonkey3793d ago

I really recommend fewer late night sessions of dropping acid and reading the National Enquirer.

Tempist3792d ago

This is all easily avoided by... NOT WATCHING TV. If you're so concerned, stop watching tv, reading books or the news paper and keep the radio off. Hell go dig yourself a hole and sit in it.... but then again the government and secret organizations already own the birds don't they?

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Zeus Lee3793d ago

If you know anything about Marketing then you know this has been going on for aaaaaaaaageeeeeeessss.

ChickeyCantor3793d ago

Yet its declared illegal...
Good thing i hardly watch tv =D...XD

pixelsword3793d ago

in cartoons, ads, coupons, even packaging.

People who think this is crazy need to read-up on it.

Some groups of Graphic designers are taught to do this either on the job or those who take masters and/or doctorate courses.

You think that whole "gay mario" cover for super mario galaxy was an accident?

ChickeyCantor3793d ago


" You think that whole "gay mario" cover for super mario galaxy was an accident?"

Well maybe it was a joke, or well gay actually means HAPPY.
It was used as "happy" before people defined it as homo.

But by no means was the point to make kids "homo" hahaha.

pixelsword3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

I suggested it was intentional, that's all. It's purpose is subject to interpretation, and it effect is determined by the individual; just like when you see "sex" written everywhere subliminally, the definition is not talking about sex at all for most of the people putting "sex" in the photos:

the symbols actually refer to greek letters:


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Awookie3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

So that's why I've been buying more than the usual amount of beer, insurance and tampons.

pshizle3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

who the world would go so deep and try to control the population.

anyways i can think for myself. dont be a sucker.

what is killing this country is Obama and all those silly reality shows on MTV AND VH1.

[email protected]%#$ democrats and republicans

independent is where its AT! NADER FTMFW

pshizle3793d ago

government is trying to control us...

pixelsword3792d ago

I wonder why after almost thirty years of everyone grinning at Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Dumbya tearing up the country while taking away jobs and our rights; people are suddenly finely-tuned to the "total destruction" That Obama done to destroy this country... after only four months in office, and barely got his stimulus package passed.

I don't trust anyone myself, and especially politicians, but like Richard Pryor said, if you did something to help when it was small, a problem wouldn't be epidemic today.