The Godfather II Space coming to home

A few Ads (images) from the US home square


Godfather space is a poker room

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THC CELL3786d ago

would be cool if u could walk round home as a gang with baseball bats and beat people up like pp

UltimateIdiot9113786d ago

It would be cooler if we can steal trophies too.

DavidMacDougall3786d ago

Cause its only on PS3? Cry more please

Zeus Lee3786d ago

^ Because they could've spent that time making sure the game doesn't suck rather than create a Home space.

chaosatom3786d ago

Besides, they can fine tune their game only to a certain extent. if their game sucks, then they can't do anything about it, since they can't scrap it and start over.

It's a marketing strategy. I do hope that other companies would follow.

Theoneneo813786d ago

Im gonna make you an offer you cant refuse

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The story is too old to be commented.