AppVee: Beast Review

Coming from the developer that brought us the fast paced and innovative space strategy game "Galcon", Beast is a retro inspired puzzle game which seems to have some real potential, but unfortunately is hindered by sluggish gameplay and a poorly developed user interface, making it barely recommendable – even at the $0.99 price point.

The gameplay of Beast is fairly simple and straightforward: move your player around the board in an attempt to crush the "beasts" that are represented by colored circles. To do this, you use your "character" to push the board's movable blocks by swiping your finger in the direction of the block. If the beast you are trying to crush is against another block or wall when the block you are pushing touches it, that beast is crushed. There are three different types of beast, designated by color and how they can be eliminated. Moving blocks against them easily dispatch some beasts while others require more strategy and quicker thinking in order to defeat them.

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