Valkyria Chronicles: It's the Time to Buy this PS3 Exclusive Masterpiece

Valkyria Chronicles is on sale this week only for $29.99...

PlayStation LifeStyle tells you where you can get it for that price, and why you shouldn't miss this PS3 exclusive RPG.

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Zeus Lee3789d ago

Already bought,feel sorry for the Ps3 fans crying for RPGs yet aren't buying this one.

Giriath3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Bought on PAL release day, haven't finished it yet though. Will do once I'm done with Eternal Sonata.

The only thing I've had against it so far in the little I've played is that the English subtitles are totally different from what is said in Japanese. Which for someone like me - who understands Japanese at an average level, can be quite irritating in a dialogue-heavy game with lackluster English VO.

Sev3789d ago

Strange, the US version of the game seemed to have decent voice-overs, I wonder if it's the same as the PAL version, and I just didn't notice.

Also, how is Eternal Sonata? I may pick that up if I can find it cheap enough.

raztad3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

My PS3 is fairly new and I'm yet to play a lot of older games. Trying to buy VC right now while playing Folklore, amazing game BTW.

TheAntiFanboy3789d ago

The voice overs are fine. I think they did a pretty good job on the English VO's, especially with Rosie's singing voice; I thought they would BUTCHER that when I saw it coming, but it was actually really good.

The problem, he's saying, is if you're on Japanese voice setting. The English subtitles to the Japanese VO's. They don't match up, and I noticed this problem too.

Shinro3789d ago

the reason why the japanese dialogue and the english subtitles are (most of the time) different, is because the subtitles are based on the english dialogue which was changed for the dubbers to match the mouth movement of the japanese speaking characters.

LiViNgLeGaCY3789d ago

I bought this game and it's an incredible JRPG. Sony fans that b!tch about the lack of JRPG's and didn't pick this game up should slap themselves.

Veneno3789d ago

I was out the door and I bought it. I can't play it yet cuz my bro is watching NASCAR. I also have my eye on Folklore. I'm going to buy that with the prize money I won from a Street Fighter 4 tournament that i got 2nd place in.

Agent VX3788d ago

Save your money, or buy Killzone 2 or upgrade your computer. This game is overrated and boring.

Magna Farta3788d ago

A lot like you then, AgentVX? I'd say two bubbles is pretty damn overrated for you.

Giriath3788d ago

Eternal Sonata is great, buy it! I haven't really given the English VO a fair chance, but since I'm an anime addict I generally prefer Japanese VO even if the English holds up.

I may try the English VO once I start playing it again though. The main problem is that the dialogue is worse than the original Japanese, not necesarrily the VO itself.

ReservoirDog3163788d ago

you must have high standards cause VC is reason enough to buy a PS3

it's my second favorite PS3 game after MGS4

Please, everyone, please buy Valkyria Chronicles NEW, not used

ruibing3788d ago

Use coupon SAVER to get free shipping.

Miraak82 3788d ago

this is my one year project , I have to beat it by december. This games is nice as it lets you watch the chapters when ever you want so its easy to just pick up and play. I usually play it when I smoke and am in a thinking mood . It has taken me a few tries for each chqpter to beat but the story progression flows smooth . Its a different experience and I highly recommend this game to anyone. I have a feeling in 10 years will be highly sought after and that's why this is one of the games I'm holding on to

harrisk9543788d ago

Been wanting to pick it up for a while... at $27 ($30 and another 10% off), I ran out to get it.

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table3789d ago

it was abysmal. dont see why people hold it in such high regard. I'll have more fun playing 2D worms thanks.

TheAntiFanboy3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Because it's a terrible demo that does so very little to portray the true depth of the game. I also agree that, when I first played the demo, I was confused as to why everyone loved it. But now that I've finished the full game, I can easily say 80% or more of the game's tactical complexity and depth are infuriatingly missing from the demo.

I could seriously write up a list... orders, smokes, upgradeable weapons, the lore storybook, swappable characters, unlockable potentials, mortars, flamethrowers, the Audience Hall...

Then again, it's kinda difficult to stuff that much depth into a 15-minute demo. Hell, it took about 4 or 5 stages in the game to introduce everything. It starts off ludicrously slow. Like, uh... anime. It's more than worth it though.

MazzingerZ3789d ago

Yeah, the demo is actually only a skrimish in the game which are used as training and gain usual, games that have a lot of variation can't be judged by a demo.

I love RPG but I understand that some people gets bored, I do also get bored sometimes but because I like them I keep playing them...not sure if I make sense but where I'm going is that Valkyria Chronicles is awesome and not your usual RPG, it's a pleasure to play it, easy to pick up, great story and it never gets old. Really rewarding!

UltimateIdiot9113789d ago

You're quick to judge. The demo was only just the first skirmish. The full game offer a lot more.

facepalm3788d ago

^-^ Thus why I don't even trust demo's that much anymore as well... I said the exact same thing for the demo for this game and "Dead Space" and I ended up loving them both.

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George Sears3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Didn't really like the game personally. It was okay (played the demo) but I don't see what's the big deal about it. I have more fun playing Disgaea than this.

Sibs3789d ago

Personally, I did not like the demo, but I got the game anyways.

BEST GAME EVER. The demo does not do it justice. Take the demo and multiply it by 100 and you get the game. Yea, it's that good. My favorite game in a long, long time.

George Sears3789d ago

Well I guess I'll rent the game and give it a second shot. The game did have some great artistic style when I first played and saw it in action though.

TheAntiFanboy3789d ago

When I played the demo, I saw it through purely BECAUSE of the artistic style.

Aaaand I had GameFly and it was easy to swap games in a second and a half.

monfa3789d ago

I don't know if the demo is a good representation of the full game but I did not find it interesting it seemed like an RTS not RPG.
Maybe I rent it one day to check it out more , but I'll probably just wait and see what Sacred 2 is like.

Sibs3789d ago

I feel sad for anyone who has not experienced Valkyria Chronicles.

It was worth every penny, even at $60.

lordgodalming3789d ago

Yup. Paid $60 for this game a few weeks ago. Bought it alongside RE5. VC is unbelievably deep. I'm loving both of them.