First photo's of European PS3-games

PS3 Only added the first photo's of the European games on their website. It seems Sony has used the same icons to tell you how many players that game supports etc. as they did with the PSP. Check m out

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MaximusPrime4290d ago

i seen them on display at my local retailers. This was 3 days before PS3 launches.

The boxes are nice. i like the idea of having translucent strip on the top (with bluray logo)
The box as a whole is excellent.

achira4290d ago

i have seen this on gamespot today. unfortunately i couldnt buy the games, must wait till friday.

HandShandy4289d ago

You guys are just getting excited about the Boxes... wait till you get the console.

KS19854289d ago

Its not about that? Why releasing these images where we have seen them close up in our local GameStop for the past month.

Lars Cornelis4289d ago

ehm, maybe because the PS3 isn't released in Europe yet? ANd so the games