Why is Sony working on Cloud when it should fix PSN first? Underground Hype 15 writes:

This week it's all about the games when the cast sits down to record UndergroundHype 15. We have a shorter show for you this week, just over an hour long, but it's still one of the greatest pieces of entertainment that you'll ever come across. Having said that, Adrian, Michael, Quentyn, and our special guest Spencer from TheBitBag joins the craziness this week as we talk about a few very interesting things in the gaming world.

* OnLive and PS Cloud: Chances of Survival.
* Morally/Politically Correct? Rape Simulation Discussion
* Game Impressions: The Wheelman, Godfather 2, and The Dishwasher
* Codename Fail Whale: AKA XMB/PSN Update 2.70
* Plus a ton more.

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Zeus Lee3794d ago

Quit whining,PSN is absolutely perfect for a free service.

Awookie3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Also i bet these are completely different departments of their company. Jesus who would want to listen to these unknowns talk about nothing, we only have the name of their project nothing else.

Ghoul3794d ago

agree to both.

Im more then sure that the Department working on PSN is a closed sector only working on and maintaining the psn, and Cloud a new Project gets a dedicated team of software engeneers and developers. Sure its an assumption but thats how its done 99% of the time on huge companys.

phosphor1123794d ago

2 out of the 4 topics mentioned b*tches about Sony in some way. Way to complain about an update that gives you stuff. Hell, I don't see anyone pointing fingers at MS for releasing an update last week that gave nothing new. Not even improved NXE load times. It's probably 1 of their many attempts to kill E74.

ShiftyLookingCow3794d ago

PSN is not "absolutely perfect", at least literally not. But which company doesn't work on future products just because one or two features of the current product is still being developed.

NegativeCreepWA3794d ago

People like you need to quit saying its perfect, when its not. And its never going to change if people don't give their opinions about it. Every survey I take for Sony I tell them what I would like added or fixed on PSN.

Just because your happy with the way PSN is doesn't mean the rest of us are. So why don't you quit your whining and let the people that are trying to make PSN better for all of us say what they have to say.

I for one am getting tired of Sony relying to much on text chat. I would be a PC gamer if I wanted type while playing games.

gaffyh3794d ago

“When you see a good move, look for a better one”
(Emanuel Lasker)

callahan093794d ago

I agree. PSN is not broken, it just doesn't have one single silly feature that everybody says it should have. It'd be awesome if it gets it. But its absence has not hindered my ability to enjoy playing the PS3.

XGRaViSmOrSX3794d ago

so wait because they copyrighted that name all the sudden they are in full blown development of this "console"

please. its called saving your ass from having to buy said name later on down the line if in fact it does actually even come out.

Dragun6193794d ago

Dude, iono about you but PSN is great, I mean come on its free what more can you ask.

Heck their even spending their own time trying improve it as you know when you compare PSN from 2006 to PSN now like Wow, Major Differences such as Video Store, In Game XMB, In Game Music player, In game Screenshots, More redesign and organized PSN Store, Trophies system, PSN gamercard, Home, And of course, the recently released Text Chat.
I'm sure we can all expect much more improvement and features for PSN in the coming years such as In game Private Chat and hopefully a PS2 emulator for PS3 like how PSP was able to emulate PS1.

Also how do we know that Sony is even working on PS Cloud?
And that maybe they merely just licensed the name just in case if Cloud gaming and Onlive does take off and Become successful. Cuz you know it would be alot more smarter to wait than spend money on something that might fail.

heroicjanitor3794d ago

Does it not work? Don't you mean "make better"?

Alvadr3794d ago

PSN works fine.. We get constant updates and new stuff all the time.

Just because they are investing in the future doesnt mean that they have forgotten about now. Both are important.

It will no doubt be a diffent team working on cloud.

Megaton3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

What's to fix? I have friends that I can communicate with, games that I can play online without lag for free, and I download from the PSN store at an average speed of 1mb/sec (wirelessly). So... what needs fixing again?

RememberThe3573794d ago

When did we find out what Cloud actually was?

rockleex3794d ago

Cloud-type stuff for YEARS now. Ever since the development of the PS2!

He just didn't have the necessary technology back then. But now that everything's falling into place, Sony can try to pick up what Ken left behind for Cloud.

jadenkorri3794d ago

how underground hype 15, a view from a 15 years olds opinion of a company working on future products...products apparently just come out one day, some guy makes it in about 15 mins and puts it out... im sure MS has a team working on the next 360, why we don't bash MS, just like sony and nintendo are making their next console...but wait its sony bashing time, every day here at N4G...a 15 year olds pod cast is news here at

Eddie201013794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

It's the flame bait podcast, they always make up something to rag on Sony about.

They don't even Know what cloud is, just that it's registered trademark by Sony, plus Sony is a big company made up of many divisions that work on many things at the same time.

They are working on PSN, hence the 2.70 firmware, there are many reasons why a certain feature may not be available that have nothing to do with programming it and making it available, such as patent's and being cocc blocked by the people or company that own them. Microsoft owns many patent's that involve how Xbox live works and the features it offers, and I'm sure that they have made it very difficult for Sony to offer certain features they have a patent for.

With the exception of a couple of global features that Xbox live has, PSN is a very good match to what Xbox live offers and has some features that live does not offer, and the global features that Microsoft make mandatory to every game, weather it is appropriate to the game or not (being able to play your own music in game) Sony allows the game developer the ability to include them at there own option. The games that need voice chat all have it on PS3, the games that make sense to allow people to play there own music in game usually have that feature on PS3.

PS3 and PSN is not a failure like these articles and podcast make them out to be, just because PSN and Xbox Live don't match each other feature for feature. There both pretty darn good for what they offer.

badz1493794d ago

what the hell are u talking about? who's making the PSN better? how? by whining and bashing PSN non-stop? why don't you, stop whining about people being OK the PSN is the way it is! I can bet that most people in here bashing the PSN for not having cross game chat or invite or what-so-ever are those 360 owners trying to justify their $50 fee for XBL! gaming were great even without those features and now somebody somewhere who paid $50 for that service (although they know they pay to play online!) are lurking everywhere on the net yelling like those are the most crucial things! for me, when I bought a game, I will play online if I want to without the need to worry about paying extra and even if I don't want to, I don't feel like being ripped-off because I pay nothing for the like of anything online related!

remember the time before FW2.40 for the PS3? 360 owners were saying XBL is better for having achievements! and then BAMM!! FW2.40 and PS3 gamers got trophies and what now?? the cross game invite and chat are their last resort! sooner or later, they will start to feel uneasy, sitting and using the service they paid for while gamers on the other consoles are enjoying the similar service for FREE!! or...maybe it has already begun!

3794d ago
SL1M DADDY3794d ago

For the same reason Microsoft is worjking on the next Xbox when they should be fixing the current Xbox instead. R&D bizniches.

Tito Jackson3793d ago

all fluffy and pillowy.
they float in the heavens above as jesus's marshmallows.

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byeGollum3794d ago

but it will, thats the prob *sigh*

Nelson M3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Another Bot P*ssed off that He's Got a Laggy Dashboard on his 360 as well as Laggy online which he pays $50 for

talltony3794d ago

and working on a few psn features. WHy do people think it cant be done at the same time.?

Miraak82 3794d ago

humm sony has so many divisions they prolly working on 50 different things right now if not more . wah wah wah unlike another company for whom I speak not its name

ExPresident3794d ago

blah blah blah.

Why do people assume that any company doesn't have the resources to work on new projects while developing others? Its called research and development.