Casual Gaming done right

Gamer Limit writes: "There has been a ton of negative talk in the gaming industry in reaction to Nintendo's "casual" marketing strategy. Titles like Wii Fit vastly appeal to the "common man", and left hardcore gamers feeling like they were in the dust. Casual gaming rose from the ashes of freeware PC games (we all remember those long nights of Jezzball). With a target audience of "everyone", how can you go wrong?

Before you were a gamer, most likely you were a Solitaire fiend. Nowadays, you're more likely to be a "born again gamer" after playing Wii Sports. Casual games are an amazing tool for developers; they allow anyone and everyone to be introduced to games in a carefree, simple manner. Back in the retro days, if your Mom or Dad wasn't any good at Paperboy: tough (and don't even think about getting Grandma to play Mega Man)."

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syvergy3790d ago

I'm a Peggle man, myself :)

Fullish3790d ago

Only great if played solo

agentxricky3790d ago

Casual games man, they're like heroin. I dunno if you need to turn them into Black Tar Heroin.

AcesAndEights3790d ago

Casual games can hit me worse than the big boys of gaming, I can't tell you how obsessed over my Bejeweled scores I got.

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