Summer Reading Lists… For Video Games?

Gamer Limit writes: "I remember receiving wasted pieces of paper when I was a child in elementary school. Teachers handing out lists and lists of books they felt should be read and understood (without any professional guidance) to prepare us for the literary challenges of the upcoming year. Yeah right, like I'm going to spend my only quarter of freedom reading, of all thing. To be fair, now that I'm an adult, I love to read and do it as often as I can.

Ostensibly, the reading lists were used to develop your reading skills throughout our formative years, with books getting (arguably) increasingly difficult as you advanced through the grades. These lists were filled with some of the more "classic" examples of literature, appropriate to the grade level. As an adult, that list of books grows exponentially, containing practically every important written works since the beginning of time. Dante's Inferno, The Catcher in the Rye, On the Road, A Farewell To Arms, these are a modicum of the work that one must read to attain a glimpse at the evolution of written work since the beginning of time. All important, and all must be read to understand literature fully and completely."

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agentxricky3790d ago

I like the prospect of "required reading" for video games.

Fullish3790d ago

Would certainly reduce the noob count.

AcesAndEights3790d ago

I think my brain would explode trying to create a list of games you should play, far too many. Been playing games for nearly 20 years, I;ve still missed tons.

syvergy3789d ago

Haha, interesting concept.