Hostility Behind The Hype

Gamer Limit writes: "I can admit that Grand Theft Auto IV did a variety of things well, but for a game that got such critical praise and so many perfect scores it baffles me how many elements or mechanics within the game are just plain bad, and how we as a gaming community are so quick to overlook them.

The game forces you to spend a large amount of game play time behind the wheel, however unlikely it is you actually own that wheel, and as such you would expect this perfect scoring game to have a driving system that would rival the big boys of Burnout or Gran Turismo. This is not the case, as all cars feel like you have filled them with enough lead to smother a somewhat bewildered yak."

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Dimly3794d ago

Yeah, no games is truly perfect, you're right there

agentxricky3794d ago

Games need to be judged on fair, equal levels.

AcesAndEights3794d ago

Exactly, if a Rockstar game is bad it should be mentioned just as much as if an indie game is bad. Games need sterner criticism for reviewing to have any meaning.

syvergy3794d ago

Wasn't a big fan of GTA.

AcesAndEights3794d ago

It's weird how many people I talk to who weren't yet the game gets perfect scores and game of the year awards in many places.