Sunday Soapbox: Downloadable Content

Gamer Limit writes: "Veteran gamers will remember a time in the distant past when there was no such thing as downloadable content. There were a few exceptions to the rule of course, with games like Total Annihilation supporting the ability to add extra playable units which were freely available for download from the developer's website. Bearing in mind this was the year 1997, and internet-enabled consoles were probably a fanciful idea in some developer's mind.

As PC gaming, and gaming in general became more mainstream, the concept of value-add slowly started to take root in the minds of games developers. Games like Unreal Tournament, released in 1998, were supported post-release by the developers, Epic Games, with downloadable content in the form of new maps and mutators. This free post-sales support business model proved quite successful for Epic, as they went on to create many more successful titles in the Unreal series, each receiving the same after-sales support treatment, resulting in sales enjoying increased longevity."

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syvergy3790d ago

DLC, why is this so difficult for devs?

kaironn3790d ago

I wish MS didn't suck so much. Way to screw over Castle Crashers and Gears of War.

kwicksandz3790d ago

or sony for that matter. Rush motorstorm out the door and sell you the other half of the game in dlc packs. Or snake sackboys...

Clance3790d ago

If it's done right and doesn't feel like it could and should have been on the game in the first place.

Two things:

1) make it FREE!!
2) Make it about six months after a game comes out so I can get excited about a title again!

agentxricky3790d ago

Nobody is doing it well right now. Not the 360 and defintitely not the PS3.

Fullish3790d ago

Fallout DLC is decent, no?

INehalemEXI3790d ago

UT3 DLC on PS3 was done perfect IMO

Tsalagi3790d ago

How many times has "The Pitt" been recalled now? Two, three?

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