Childhood Moments in Gaming

Gamer Limit writes: "In the sports and hobbies that everyone takes part in (gaming, football, movies), there are certain moments that define that activity for its participants. Perhaps it's watching Fight club for the first time, or watching Daigo pull off a full parry against Justin Wong for a last second victory (Seriously, watch it), whether the audience is watching, or playing, makes no difference. Their favorite activity is solidified by that single moment, making it theirs.

I know that you readers out there have experienced something like this, or close to it, and I wanted to share mine with you, and hopefully you will share yours with me, and the rest of the community here at Gamer Limit."

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kaironn3791d ago

Arcades are dead, and I cried.

Bring back more 4 player beat 'em ups!

Dimly3791d ago

Simpsons Arcade. Now please.

Fullish3791d ago

Agreed, it's insane that they haven't already released it.

Clance3791d ago

So many.... they usually end in my brother beating the hell out of me. But I still won the game, which was the important thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.