The Terrors of Region Coding

Gamer Limit writes: "For those of us outside the US, and some even still in, there's always been a bane to our existence. That thorn in our side is otherwise known as Region Coding.

Arguably, one of the most aggravating forms of copy protection that has ever been introduced. Developed originally to prevent people from trying to use incompatible software with incompatible hardware, it evolved into simply a form of price discrimination. Publishers argued that people would be able to purchase software cheaply overseas, so developers and hardware makers decided to simply prevent their own customers from buying something they wanted."

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syvergy3786d ago

Argh, cannot stand region coding!

IdleLeeSiuLung3786d ago

Yeah, I can't stand region coding either. There is no real good reason other than to control distribution to have region coding. This is one of the main reasons why I preferred HD-DVD over Blu-Ray as there was no region coding in the specs. Basically, even if you wanted region coding it wasn't possible!

If I legally paid for the content, why restrict me from using it?

Chubear3786d ago

you can play any games on the PS3 regardless of regions. There' no problems in regards to gaming with the PS3 base.

kaironn3786d ago

So glad I live in the US.........

Dimly3786d ago

Down with region coding!

Clance3786d ago

I loved the old converters on consoles.... Those chunky US cartridges were ugly!

agentxricky3786d ago

You gotta keep track of your numbers somehow.

Fullish3786d ago

maybe they could base the numbers on an online system