Amazon Trade-in Review (via

As most of you know Amazon now offers a video game trade in service. So decided to give it a try so that all of you could have an idea of exactly how it works.

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Xandet3785d ago

Spelling and grammar errors are not your friend! Other than that, I'm glad to have a little knowledge about Amazon's trade-in system now. Might use it eventually.. definitely beats the hell out of going to the ripoff artists over at GameStop/EB.

Spybreak3785d ago

but man I should have wrote a blog on this lol. I went with this when it launched, since I'm out in the boonies anyway, so I got 20% off discount code along with the gift card from the game. Traded a kirby ds game and grabbed GTA:China Wars for 22 bucks, can't beat that.

crck3785d ago

I waited 2 weeks just to have my account credited with the trade in amount. Plus the trade values have gone way down since they started the program. I'd give it a C. But if I have to wait that long just to get credit for a trade in I might as well sell it on ebay and get 25% to 100% more for most games.