Worthplaying: Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review

Worthplaying: "When I say that Wanted: Weapons of Fate is short, I mean, you know, really short. It'll provide six hours of gameplay on the moderate difficulty setting, maybe eight if you hunt down all of the collectibles to unlock comic book covers and video. It might take 10 or 12 hours if you play on the highest difficulty the first time through. The other way to extend the game's life is to keep playing and collect all of the Achievements. You'll have to care a little about Wanted and a whole lot about esoteric Achievements. I can't recommend this game to anyone other than gamers who are long-time fans of the Wanted comic books. Even then, there aren't any life-changing revelations in the game's ho-hum ending. Wanted is mediocre and too short, and it's only of vague entertainment even for players with prerequisite interests."

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