Retro Reunion: Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers NES

Gamer Limit writes "Ch-Ch-Ch-Chip and Dale! If you remember that theme song, odds are you have already played this gem of a game. Created by Capcom, those responsible for Duck Tales NES and Mega Man, platforming was at an all time high, and for good reason. After all, how many platforming games can boast a two player simultaneous cooperative mode, much less in 1990?"

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Andrew Wiggin3793d ago

Man I remember this game! Such great times.

SaiyanFury3792d ago

Agreed! I loved this game back in it's day. Capcom released the best Disney games in the days of the NES/SNES. I think my favourite Capcom/Disney game of all time would be Magical Quest: Starring Mickey Mouse where you can change into those costumes and your abilities reflect what costume you wear. If you can't play the actual game, there's always emulators and ROMs. And despite what companies may tell you about piracy, neither Capcom nor Nintendo make any profit from these games anymore so unless they're on the Wii's virtual console, or the PSN or XBoxLive Arcade, it's not piracy. ;)

syvergy3793d ago

Haha, this game was hilarious.

chrisjc3793d ago

Thanks for the link Dragon!

PirateThom3793d ago

Best co-op game ever.

I have it in my NES at the moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.