Retrospective: Duke Nukem 3D

Eurogamer writes:

"If it's Sunday then it must be time for another Eurogamer writer to bury you nose-deep in their barren adolescence, pointing at a retro game and braying about it with bleary eyes for a few pages. This week your hangover has been interrupted by a paean to Duke Nukem 3D, my love for which has recently been rejuvenated by the remarkably slick Good Old Games service and formerly its co-op enabled appearance on Xbox Live.

Despite the heavy snowfalls of retro adulation that blanket the gaming world from time to time, I find that I've never truly been able to go back. In the harsh light of the future-times in which we live, the games of yesteryear rarely live up to our what we remember - always turning out to be too easy, too hard, too bland, too repetitive, too brown or simply too well-known for anything other than a cursory sprint through the first level checking that all the health packs are in the same place and that its blood-stained halls haven't fallen into total rack and ruin."

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