Who Took My Trophies Out of Home?

The Power Review takes a look at the lack of integration between the trophy system and PS Home. Where are the unlockables, where is the interactive trophy room?

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Deviant3789d ago

"my 17 platinums " have to be kidding

callahan093789d ago

Wow. I only have 2. I'm pretty close to getting my third with Unreal Tournament 3 though (just have to win 180 more out of 500 online matches and I get my final trophy)

sonarus3789d ago

Lack of home rooms in home = fail. Home still has potential but its still pretty lame.

They need to make it faster for one thing, everything loads up too slow and it needs to be standard to have a launch from game feature properly integrated into games. RE5 and warhawk do a pretty good job.

harv0523789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )


"just have to win 180 more out of 500 online matches and I get my final trophy"

And that's exactly the reason why I despise online trophies...Most of them require and enormous amount of grinding. Bronze trophy for killing 50 enemies offline, you get the same bronze for winning 500 online matches. Devs don't make online trophies fun....

CaseyRyback_CPO3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

My problem with dorks is that you have to have everything this instant, else it isn't worth it at all. Another problem is pretending Sony declared every single free feature was going to be ready when they started the open beta.

HOME has grown tremendously since the beta. And we don't even have the things like the EA space yet.

Crying about a work in progress is ridiculous. Especially when it doesn't even appear that you know about unlockables in two huge titles. Its up to the developers to do these things, and so far there are a few that are willing.

This is just calling out Sony for a product they are still working on, plenty of people use home, when it has the things that you need, you will find yourself in it more. Until then, well. You know what to do.

Blaze9293789d ago

But thats the stupid excuse Sony and everyone is using to defend them, "oh its still a work in progress" or "its clearly says beta". Thats just aka from Sony saying "we weren't ready yet but released to make good on our 2008 promise."

HOME will ALWAYS be a work in progress and continually grow so that excuse has no meaning. Its just the question of when.

Right now IMO, HOME is lame and i still have no reason to start up my ps3, sign into PSN, start up HOME, sign into HOME, load up HOME, load up the HOME spaces. None of that, its just lame as it is now. How long is it gonna be "beta". I think they should make it an option to boot straight into HOME or make it the new XMB with the old XMB still being there for use in-game. It's really hard to find reason to boot into it unless forced.

callahan093789d ago

Well yeah I agree that online trophies can be severely annoying when they make the requirements so high. But what they're really trying to do is keep you playing so their community is strong. Resistance 2's 10,000 kills trophy is just insane, though. I've put about 30 hours into it and I have 1,000 kills. So that's probably something close to 250 or 300 hours for someone like me to get that one single trophy.

The 500 matches in Unreal Tournament 3 is nowhere near as bad as that, in my opinion. If I play for about an hour, I can win about 10 deathmatches to 20, because I'm pretty good at the game. That's about 50 hours for me, versus 300 for the Resistance 2 trophy.

It is a gold trophy, also.

But yeah, I do tend to agree that these online grinding trophies should have lighter requirements than they often do.

Josh113789d ago

Very much agree with sonarus. He is spot on.

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OSIRUSSS3789d ago

Thats some serious trophy-whoreage right there. In the time it takes to get 17 platinums you couldn't have spent more than 5 mins in home.

UNCyrus3789d ago

hahha, no I'm enjoying Xi right now... I spend a little bit of time with it

callahan093789d ago

More like he couldn't have spent more than 5 minutes outside of his home since the trophy system launched last year!

Haha. I kid, I kid.

mugoldeneagle033789d ago

What Sony showed off at GDC '07 was more of a prototype. They used the presentation to show what Home was capable of. It wasn't until 2009 that Sony made trophies mandatory, so there wasn't any need for it in Home.

They'll update it this year. We've already seen strides been made in terms of Game Rooms and the new Xi puzzle. It's only a matter of time.

beeeffess3789d ago

The trophy room was the only thing I looked forward to in home.

If they aren't going to make the home trophy room, it would be nice to make the trophies more prettier.

Until the cross game chat is added and whatever everyone else wants added.

DelbertGrady3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Overpromising. Underdelivering.

The Sony way.

Some things suck hard. And some things suck Home.

OmarJA3789d ago

Home is getting better every day & there is a lot of people who enjoy the service, so keep your opinion to your self...

Speaking of "Overpromising. Underdelivering."

I guess M$ was a disappointing in GDC 09 & you guys still waiting for a new decent game announcement.

cliffbo3789d ago

you know, Sony must get a real kick out of making people like you look stupid

cereal_killa3789d ago

Cliff I think he does a good job on his own with out Sony's help. Soda is finally showing his true fanboy colours lately he came in here acting all biased gaining the bubbles he has and now he acts like the Muppet he is.

Obama3789d ago

"Overpromising. Underdelivering. "

Just like the 360 lineup this year?

DelbertGrady3789d ago

What does 2007 & 2008 have in common? They both ended with PS3 fanboys crying because their overhyped titles got butchered by MS line-up. The same will happen this holiday. ODST alone makes the PS3 line-up look embarrassing.

cereal_killa3789d ago

What ever helps you sleep at night Muppet I'm assuming your basing this on sales like every other games we all know the amount of sales tell us how great it is, Britney Spears must be your favorite singer and Wii play is the greatest thing since slice bread.

DelbertGrady3789d ago

The people who buy Britney Spears and Wii Play probably think so. Who are you to judge them?

Obama3789d ago

While the ps3 2007 lineup is pretty lackluster, the ps3 2008 lineup is better than that of the 360, no contest.

DelbertGrady3788d ago

In your opinion it was better. The consumers didn't agree. Gears of War 2 and Fable 2 outsold everything the PS3 had to show for. Gamers around the world preferred 360 games over PS3 games.

Obama3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

O it's sales again. Just because 80% of the people are still using IE, that doesn't mean it's the best browser. If you want to compare, compare the rating in which mgs4 and LBP pretty much decimate everything on the 360 in 08.

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