My Favourite Waste of Time #1

PALGN writes: " Welcome to the first edition of My Favourite Waste of Time, a fortnightly opinion piece on the world of gaming. In the future I want this to be an interactive feature, so feel free to suggest the topics you'd like discussed and offer your opinion. I'll read every post and every message. I want your ideas so I can steal them and claim them for my own…um…I mean I'll properly credit you for them in my articles. Yes…that's what I meant.

Anyway, enough foreplay. The topic for the first edition is <sound of trumpets playing>…the problem with shooting games. "Wha-?" I hear you say. "What could you possibly have against shooters, those wonderful games that let us brutally murder digital creatures and people from the comforts of our lounge rooms?"

First of all – you talk too much – but to answer your long-winded question, there's lots wrong with them. In fact, I'm calling the following list five things wrong with shooting games. Think of it like that 20 to 1 show with Bert Newton, but not as hilarious. Oh Bert, shine on you crazy star."

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