Queen's Blade is back (with its girls...)

Adapted from visual books, Queen's Blade, edited by Bandai Namco, is a Tactical RPG (Simulation RPG as japanese people say) composed by only female caracters... I let you discover this "game" and the new images published today...

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Fox013792d ago

Over 100 degrees and only 1 comment. Lmao

ChampIDC3792d ago

Happens a lot when the article's picture is somewhat revealing ;)

rockleex3791d ago

Wait... this is porn with no nudity?

That's like eating without food. O_o

Sophie3792d ago

Players wary, they must have their girlfriends behind.

xino3792d ago

what da hell is this?

looks like some hentai game without nude:/

Giriath3792d ago

No tentacle rape either? WHAT?! UNFORGIVABLE!

yog-sothot3792d ago

that game looks awesome ! Look at those screenshots, the gameplay must be perfect, and the framerate too ;-D

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The story is too old to be commented.