AnandTech: ATI Radeon HD 4890 vs. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275

AnandTech compares every aspect of two new midrange graphics cards from ATI and nVidia.

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Agent VX3792d ago

I have the HIS 4870 card, and it pumps out the framerates. These new cards look awesome also, get a new card and support PC gaming, you can't beat it.

It really is too bad that this site doesn't gather better PC response. I love console gaming, but PC gaming is that much better. Though I do worry about draconian DRM PC gaming seems to be getting. DRM for me is killing PC gaming. Screw EA and Spore, Bit torrent forever for these butt heads at EA.

Nihilism3791d ago

i agree about the lack of pc support on this site. For me DRM isn't my main concern, yes it sucks, but some games now uninstall it when you ininstall the game, so it's not that big a deal, the thing that is killing pc gaming for me, is the lack of single player games, and the fact that so many pc games are ports now, that said though if ff13 came to pc i would go nuts

xg-ei8ht3792d ago

Go with the cheap ati card.

Cards come and go.

One thing i noticed. Ati cards get better over time. Even though i've had a few cards for awhile. The ati always did well.

Not sure why they have L4D. A zx spectrum could run that.

Blacktric3791d ago

Well I couldn't agree more with both of you. The best example for dying PC gaming is Grand Theft Auto IV for me. I mean installing the game is taking too long. Then you have to activate it via SecuRom by entering your key which comes with game. Even the key entering process is a pain in the arse. It doesn't add dashes automaticly and doesn't accepts if you entered letters small. Then there is mighty Games For Windows Live you got to deal with. I mean when Steam first came out in like 2000-2001 nobody liked it that much. But after 2-3 years it became the most succesfull digital distribution software and essential thing for most PC's. Then money hungry Microsoft came out with adaptation of Live idea for Windows PC's. They've hyped it as much as they can. And idea wasn't looking that bad. We were going to connect our PC's-360's and Cell Phone's via Live service and track our progresses. But when it came to life it wasn't the thing we wanted. We wanted the Live service in 360 not some pain in the arse online gaming platform.