TNL: MadWorld Review


"If you are turned off by excessive cartoon violence, MadWorld isn't for you. This isn't the game to plug in if you want a deep, intellectual experience or wholesome family fun. If you're a teenage male or one at heart, this is probably your gaming dream theme complete with chainsaw massacres, ninjas, aliens, and scantily-clad succubus ass spanking. Those with a sick sense of humor and a love for old-school beat-'em-ups will feel right at home. It's also a testament to the triumph of a unique art approach over polygon processing power alone. The camera system is a bit too restrictive and some voice tracks repeat more often than would be ideal, but these aren't game breaking issues. Depending on one's perspective, its theme being a hybrid of virtually every video game stereotype may well be its biggest flaw, but that doesn't stop the game from delivering one of the most deviously intense action rushes this generation."

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