Sony Won't Focus on Updating 'Old' PS2 Games

'Our focus is on innovative new applications and services for PS3.'

When Sony revealed they were shifting to software emulation for backward compatibility, gamers were wary how many games they'd truly have up and running in time for the European launch, based on past experience with Microsoft and Xbox 360. When they launched their database website this morning declaring which games were and weren't compatible and many favorites were, most were relieved.

But, as 1UP pointed out, a number of high-profile games aren't compatible. Metal Gear Solid 3, for example, will run on software emulation, but Metal Gear Solid 2 won't. Will that change? Probably not, says Sony. "We are pleased with the number we have been able to make playable for the European launch, but as we have made clear before, our focus going forward will be on innovative new applications and services for PS3 rather than on backwards compatibility," said Nick Sharples, director of corporate communications at SCEE.

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Double-Edged4760d ago

sony fixes the psp and finishes Gran Turismo for the PSP.

Damn it..

Who cares about the PS2 compatability. The PS2 system's are cheap now.

Sony: please help your psp.

Killer Cop4760d ago

That would be like trying to repair my old computer I use now. Its days are counted, it will last a half year, maximum!

Covenant4760d ago

That's been one of my gripes with my 360...lack of BC games. Most of the big titles are covered, but I still can't play Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath on my 360. (Highly, highly recommended game, BTW).

Now Sony's doing the same with the PS3, with much the same results: Disappointed gamers.

I think BC needs to be consistent: Either make all games BC, or if not, at least as many as possible as quickly as possible. No more of this [email protected] stuff.

calderra4760d ago

Phil Harrison, prior to the drop of hardware BC for the Euro launch:
"We are fully commited to backwards compatibiltiy for the PlayStation 3."
"Backwards compatibility is one of the core features of the Playstation 3."
"Our goal is 100% backwards compatibility."

^^^What happened?

achira4759d ago

if you have a ps3, put in any ps2 game and it will function. i hope this answers your questions.

Killer Cop4759d ago

They didn't meet their goal?