TNL: Resident Evil 5 Review


"Capcom has gone out of its way to craft a truly remarkable followup to its groundbreaking predecessor. Co-op is so expertly infused into every nook of Resident Evil 5 that you'll be coming back again and again, to carry new players through the adventure, go for that higher rank in the insanely addicting Mercenaries Mode, or simply max out those last few weapons you want to unlock infinite ammo for. Every once in a while, I think about being a kid and clunking through the darkness trying to scavenge a few rounds to fend of the seemingly endless waves of zombies and wonder: what happened? Then I remember what a revelation Resident Evil 4 was. Sure it was action survival horror, but it was still, at its core, a breathtaking leap into a fictional world, one that inspired me to write for this very site. Sure I'd love to see zombies make their way into the series once again, but maybe it's best to just ride this one out and see what 6 will have in store for us. The way things are going, I'm confident we won't be disappointed."

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