Digital Spy: Ten must-play PS2 games

Digital Spy writes: "With everyone's haste to jump to the current generation of consoles, you may have missed some of the best games in recent years. Yep, the PlayStation 2 is still churning out classics - some of them the best yet - with the rest of the catalogue now at rock bottom prices. With the recent announcement of a worldwide price drop, it's perfect for both newcomers and gaming veterans to go back and rediscover what made the console such a huge success."

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xabmol3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Even the guy that submitted this article (Cyrus365) knows it. That's why there's a pic of SotC instead of P4 at the top of the page.

PS3istheshit3788d ago

if they didnt put up Jak and Daxter then Imma Hav To Cut Yo Ba1ls Mang

Cajun Chicken3788d ago

Yeaaaahhhh! Jak and Daxter! Although, I'd personally put JakII up there too, at least one Ratchet, probably R&C2.

Jdoki3788d ago

I agree with that Jak 2 and Ratchet 2 FTW!

Jdoki3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

All great games that should be played by any PS2 owner, and any PS3 owner with a BC console!

My preferences would be:

To remove FFXII and throw in something like Dragon Quest: Journey of the Cursed King.

Also hard to have a PS3 list with out a Ratchet and Clank game.

I don't have any problems with having GT4 in there, but my preference is GT3. Just like it better for some reason!

Never liked Kingdom Hearts, so would use that space for ICO or Burnout 2 or Takedown.

Finally swap San Andreas for Vice City or GTA3.

phosphor1123788d ago

Yeah the story sucked, but the completely overhauled gaming system was awesome. I could just keep running into a big group of guys if I wanted to grind, or I can avoid them all if I wanted to. Also, like the article says, the settings you can do (i forgot what they were called) really made the game into something else. Having the ability to have your team function without you is just amazing.

Also, while I think GT4 is awesome, the reason why you probably liked GT3 better is because the menu system on GT4 was everywhere. All the races were in different spots, while in GT3, they were all under the one of the follow "Amateur Race", "Professional Race", "Dirt track", and "Time Attack"...or something like that, while GT4, there were races hosted by you had to go to, lets say, Chevy, to get into a chevy exclusive race. Even then though, my friend and I finished over 70% of GT4, while I haven't even hit 50 on any of the other ones.

Chuck Norris3788d ago

Replace FF12 with either GoW2 or MGS2.

jkhan3788d ago

No GOW2?
No MGS2?

ButterToast3788d ago

all of those games are on there, under god of war it says also recommend GOW2, under SotC is says also recommend Ico, under MGS3 it says Also recommend MGS2.

personally I would have put FFXII and Grandia 2 in the same group as FFX and removed X-2 and XI. and then added Psychonauts or Okami.

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The story is too old to be commented.