Seven PS3 titles get delayed from European launch

This is a real killjoy. Aside from a number of PS-Store titles that won't come out until shortly after launch, Sony has announced a good number of PS3 titles that are getting the big delay. Seven in total, they will be sorely missed for at most, a month. Here's the updated delay list, along with their new estimated arrival dates:

* Splinter Cell: Double Agent -- March 30th
* NBA 2k7 -- April 6th
* F.E.A.R. -- April 20th
* Oblivion -- April 27th
* Untold Legends -- April 27th
* GRAW 2 -- June ??th
* Rainbow Six: Vegas -- Spring '07

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achira4768d ago

most games are from ubisoft, strange. by the way i am very disappointed in rainbow six vegas, e3 2006 videos were nice but the game is totally different.

Bill Nye4768d ago

Depends on how you play it.

You can play the game exactly the same way as they did in the E3 demo if you try to.

Covenant4768d ago

At least the delays are mostly a month or so. Disappointing, but not fatal.

Xi4768d ago

Oblivion was a must have on the launch lineup.

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The story is too old to be commented.