InvaderGamer Review: Killzone 2


"If cheap multiplayer is what you like, then you have a gem of a game. I put up with it for 15 hours after clearing the single player. There were only around four games out of 100 that I didn't have a bad Kill/Death ratio. Much of that I believe was due to the game's cheap methods. Again, why can one guy one-shot me with a shotgun from far away, but I have to shoot someone three times with a shotgun up-close? No reason. BUT, despite the fact that the multiplayer is terrible, not entertaining and cheap … it is there for those who like to deal with unfair multiplayer bullshit."

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Miraak82 3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

anyone who sucks at games shouldn't be reviewing them and reviewing a game a month and a half after its release after people have honed their skills ( like me :-P ) online isn't really wise especially for a game that isn't noob friendly , your review = Fail

jromao3788d ago

and we get this kind of crap around.

BRG90003788d ago

I often stand up for each reviewer's right to an opinion, but this guy just sucks at the game, and felt so frustrated that he wrote a blog "review" to vent. This is pretty pathetic.

BattleAxe3788d ago

This reviewer is the type that should be reviewing Super Mario Bros or Noby Noby Boy.

thor3788d ago

My favourite quote - "when they move you have to reaim again". This was a complaint of his. lol. I suppose he wants it to aim for him? Or for the enemies to stand still?

Does this guy not realise that the SAME NUMBER of people do well at any given game? If a game is difficult, it's difficult for everyone. KPD always evens out - if one person gets a kill, that's a death for the person they killed. If this guy is experiencing lag (as it seems), he should try joining different servers. It is laggy sometimes and that can cause some of the problems. If he keeps getting owned by shotgun noobs, he should clearly keep his distance and take it more slowly! Shotguns aren't 1-shot kills at mid-range so either 2 people shot him at once, the one guy got a headshot, or it was laggy.

badz1493787d ago

is this even a REAL review? the 1st sentence gave it all! I mean the stupidity of the reviewer, of course!! cheap? unfair? something like the host advantage in Gears, right? pfft...and he called himself a reviewer? he's not reviewing, but rather TROLLING! I'm not going to give this review a hit because he's clearly a moron looking for cheap hits!

SL1M DADDY3787d ago

He admits he sucked at the game and then writes a poor review. I think it is obvious what this truly is...

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Oztheboss3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


I can't play the game properly so it must suck.

Go fellate a gun barrel, you waste of life. Get the fack off the internet.

redsquad3788d ago

Actually, while I do love the game, I've noticed the same imbalance in online gunplay. Someone can take me down with a shotgun from the other side of Radac Academy square with a single shot, yet I can hit them up close with the same weapon three times and they scurry off to safety. I'm NOT CRAP!! I can see the blood splatter from my gun impacts so I know I'm hitting them, yet they remain unphased.

Another example: I'll strafe up frome chest to chin with an assault rifle and the same happens: I see the blood and the character flinches, but they run past me and *pop pop*, two shots and I'm dead (from full health too)
I don't know what's going on, but it dulls the experience.
Like I said, I love the game and keep playing. I don't think I'm rubbish as I made the top 1% for a while.

table3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

i know what you mean but generally there are no problems. its the same with all online games though e.g. cod hit detection with sniper, mgo hit detection with headshots etc...

It was probably me owning this guy online that made him so upset hehe.

redsquad3788d ago

I must admit that KZ2 is my first real commitment to an online game (Ever!) so for me these problems are 'new'. If it's a typical situation for most online playing then fair enough.

But of course, that makes this review even more unforgivable because, as a 'games journalist', he should know better. At least my defense is that I'm just plain ignorant!!!;)

DaTruth3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

The lag is visually unnoticeable, but it is actually there and if someone looks to be directly in front of you they may actually be a little to the left and you actually just clipped them with your shot. They likely got you square in the head and that's why you go down quicker. I've had guys look like they are three meters away from me, but they hit me with a melee, that's just the way it works!

But Killzone2 does have the least lag of online games except for R2 and Warhawk.

Oh yeah, to the writer of this review, you just suck at the game and had you bothered to put more time into it you would probably enjoy it.

na2ru13788d ago

I learnt this when COD4 revealed this sort of delay on death replays. I am always 2 steps behind on the opponent's/replay screen.

In some games I have played, Halo 1 on PC in particular, you had to lead your aim i.e shoot slightly ahead of the opponent. that triggered hit detection. I think Killzone2 is the same. aim slightly ahead. I still use the assault rifle.

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Avenged Sevenfold3788d ago

Wow. I read the review and all it sounded like was a fanboy rant that obviously sucks at a game. There is no way this deserves a 2/5. 4/5 at the least with very good reasons why. These sorts of jealous people really tick me off.

Zeus Lee3788d ago

Thanks,already messaging a Mod to take this trash down!

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