Nintendo: Consumers don't like used games

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America has said the company does not believe second hand game sales are in the best interest of consumers.

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Genesis53791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

When I go to EB games and see a new title on the used rack for $5 less than a new unopen one. I would rather get the new unopen one. If there was a bigger savings I might think about it but not for 5 bucks.

Anon19743790d ago

Used, new...the games play the same, but for a difference of $5, I always buy the new game. Now trading in games...that's a different story. I almost always trade in my used games when I'm finished. The only games I've held onto are Oblivion (360), CallofDuty 4 and WAW (PS3), LBP, Uncharted, Warhawk, Burnout, Killzone2.

With so many games coming out, there's always something new and exiting around the corner so a game's gotta be pretty special to go back and play again instead of playing something new. Gears2, Fable2, Halo3, RE:5, Fallout3, these are all great games but I'm not going to play them over and over again. Might as well get some of that money back to put towards something else.

DERKADER3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I usually don't buy used games but i trade in games all the time. I wouldn't have played as many games as I have if it wasn't for the used game market. This is mainly for single player games with little replay value. I buy the game new, beat it as soon as possible trade it in early to get the max value for it and move on to the next new game. If the game has longevity then i hold on to it. I haven't gotten rid of COD:4 yet but had to say good by to BF:BC. But both of those have sequels on the way so I see my self getting rid of COD:4.

S M N3790d ago

when you buy a used ps3 game u know it will be clean and scratch free, too bad i can't say the same thing on the other console

XGRaViSmOrSX3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

used games IMO are much better for older titles that have gone down significantly in price.

why would anyone buy a game thats 5-10 dollars under the price of a brand new game.

for me gamestop is good for building up my collection of older titles from the ps2/xbox/gamecube days as well as buying older psp/ds titles.

as for trading in games....:lol:...yea cuz i want to get rolled by gamestop on my pennies to the dollar trade in value.

SaiyanFury3790d ago

Yeah a new game for 60 and a used game for 55 at Gamestop, I go new every time. Unless there's a game I'm looking for, for a reduced price. Reggie says I don't like used games? Nonsense, if it's a reasonable price, and the game is in decent condition, used is fine for me. I have more used PS1 and 2 games than I can count. I generally go for new first, but if it's unavailable or old I just go with used.

Tony P3790d ago

Maybe we don't like used games, but that doesn't mean we aren't buying them. Money is pretty tight and not everyone's looking to spend top dollar if they can avoid it, especially for entertainment.

Enigma_20993790d ago

See, that there was your first mistake. But you make an excellent point. This is the first stupid thing I've ever heard Reggie say... I still love him, though.

SCThor3790d ago

I play everyday COD4(PS3) since launch and the disk don't have a single scratch, I can't say the same about the case.

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xino3791d ago

I like used games.

Back in the days, I always bang out used games.

But now that money is rolling in da pocket, I'm taking it for granted, I'm starting to waste money and getting new games all the time.

Trust me, sometimes get used games, it saves you some money and some used items are good as new.

LarVanian3790d ago

Lol that story sounds familiar.

dribnif3791d ago

There are TONS of used music stores around Los Angeles, and there were tons when I lived in Phoenix. People don't mind buying used. With used CDs, they are usually at least half off the price of a new CD. The same can't be said for used games. Genesis5, you make a good point. GameStop and EB Games, for instance, really do only discount it 5 bucks for being used. For the extra 5 bucks, why not get the item new. I think Reggie is just hawking their download service as a strong alternative to buying used games. People want value. If buying used is a better value, that's what they want. But to say “We don’t believe used games are in the best interest of the consumer” is horses**t.

SinnedNogara3790d ago

I usually prefer NEW games. I only have purchased one "used game" (Metroid Prime Hunters, the game confuses me) and regret buying it. I do trade games though, though when I take it to Play n' Trade, I ususally get 1/6 of the price.

I agree with him.

Miraak82 3790d ago

I don't mind used games since I have a ps3, most games I buy don't have any scratches, gotta love bluray

phosphor1123790d ago

For the most part, I have usually been very careful when buying a game, but when I buy a PS3 game, I know the game will work.

krouse933790d ago

Gotta love that extra scratch protection coating on blu ray discs.

Sibs3790d ago

I was hoping someone would bring up this point.

Used BluRay = same as new.

TitanUp3790d ago

amazon and ebay are my favorite places for used games

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