Game Debate: The Maw Review

GD writes: "You know how it is. You get captured by mean-looking Galactic Bounty Hunters, who, despite your undeniable and extreme cuteness, seem dead set on locking you up for their own fiendish purposes (or protection of the galaxy, but whatever). The cage opposite yours is labelled "THE DEADLIEST ORGANISM IN THE UNIVERSE", but just holds a single-eyed, many-fanged, mouthy blob, who grins at you and bounces up and down, too stupid to realise he's captive. Escape is always preferable under such circumstances, and as luck would have it, the ship you're on crashes. As alarms sound and things explode, you get knocked out, and upon regaining consciousness find yourself stranded among the debris in the middle of a strange new planet with only your new toothsome pet."

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