CVG looks at your chances of pre-ordering a PS3 and getting one for Friday

CVG spoke to ten different retailers up and down the country - five major chain stores and five independent shops - who told them that availability is thanks to Sony providing plenty of units for launch.

Sony confirmed one million PS3 consoles have been readied for the European launch, with around 300,000 of those allocated to UK. Neither Nintendo nor Microsoft announced their launch-day shipment figures for UK, but 105,000 Wii's were sold in the first weekend, which broke all previous records, says Nintendo.

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gta_cb4761d ago

just my opinion but it doesnt read that well.

"People are walking in, seeing how much it costs and saying 'I can't be bothered'," stated one retailer. "Most people just didn't realise it was going to be quite so much - they thought it was going to cost the same as the 360," he added. The Xbox 360 Premium Pack launched at £280 on December 2, 2005.

Another independent store had decided not to stock the PS3 at all. "Nobody wants one, they're way too dear," he claimed, adding: "I'll stock them when people get sick of them and come here to trade them in".

although they are doing soo well with how many they have provided... this mite go either way.