Rumor: Wii Sports Resort, WMP and "Wii Fit Plus" dated

A GoNintendo reader has seen an upcoming game release list at an Amsterdam retailer and took it upon himself to snap a picture of it.

According to the shot, Wii Sports Resort, Wii MotionPlus bundle and all, will hit stores on July 10.

Same goes for the the standalone WMP, apparently.

There's something called Wii Fit Plus on there, slated for a November 19 release. What is it? No idea.

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ChickeyCantor3790d ago


Sh/t its gonna take longer than expected.
Well E3 is next so we will hear it then if this is true.

Jadaking3789d ago

are you looking forward for any of this? I personally want to see a release date for wmp, everything else i dont care.