Sony and the PS Cloud

A.P. Stephens of the Examiner writes:

"With the current success of Valve's service of Steam and the announcement last week of OnLive, Sony has taken the necessary steps in acquiring the name for something they might try in the future.

Should Sony go full force into the Cloud-style of gaming?"

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Whiteford883793d ago

To say the least, shouldn't we first figure out exactly what sonys intentions are with "PS Cloud"???
I haven't read ANYWHERE that Sony actually gave us any news on Cloud. Dead straight to the point not hint hint news anyway..
How do we even know that PS "Cloud" Isn't something to do with the PSP??? I logged on 2 weeks ago and read my first article on Cloud... this is the first time since then and i have not found any evidence on Sony saying anything.. just someone snooping around and found a Patent.

My Idea is hopefully it is something for PSP that allows the PSP user to connect to PlayStation Home!
That would be neat, anyway, this is all just my opinion anyway..

mugoldeneagle033793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Since we saw OnLive at GDC the idea of Cloud Gaming is real F'n cool but it's also surrounded by ton's of questionmarks.

I'm fine with Sony going forward with it as long as they don't rush the development cycle and launch it at full capacity. I'd rather have my hands on it in 10 years running perfectly smooth than 5 years with ton's of issues.

We'll see

STK0263793d ago

like it hapenned many times in the past, PS Cloud may never see the day of light. It's not unusual for big corporations like Sony or Micorsoft to patent some cool tech and to never use it. I hope it's cool and that we get to use it, but until someone at Sony says anything about it, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

THC CELL3793d ago

i think it will be a ps4 addon

pwnsause3793d ago

doesnt the 360 use cloud computing in some way with XBL? correct me if im wrong.

THC CELL3793d ago

Er i dont think so
i think u are dreaming or maybe i am missing something
Ohh xbox

Like a i care about that console

Why are u even bringing that console up

krouse933793d ago

Ok pwnsause, Your Wrong

PotNoodle3792d ago

The PS3 could be classed as already using cloud computing. You know, with remote play.

The PS3 is the cloud, the PSP connects to it - the PS3 does all the work (running the games, software etc).

THC CELL3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

hear we go
one day we will see not xbox vs playstation anymore

it will be Playstation C vs Onlive

xbox out of the picture lol Great

unless they do there own

Sony will continue to support blu ray also
and on demand service

By the way
Ps3 can run a os
so i think onlive will be able to stream to ps3

redbadger3793d ago

does anyone see the smiling clown with the poofy hair on the sides of his head? Is this a hidden message?

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