PS3 tops console sales in Japan

The latest sales charts from Japan are beginning to indicate a new trend - the PS3 is beginning to outsell the Wii and Xbox 360 week after week.

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Hydrolex3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

How the media is saying the PS3 is dying ?

bad Sales ? No
Does it die in 2 weeks like 360 ? No
bad Games ? No
not good Exclusives ? No
not the Best graphics ? No

then how the ef is PS3 dying or failing or how is it the new dreamcast ?

its like Lamborghini vs KIA and lamborghini is losing LMFOOOOOOO

rockleex3789d ago

Its even FUNNIER when you find out its not faked! XD

rockleex3789d ago

Nice, it was a Sony HDTV. ^_^

AAACE53789d ago

There you go Sony... secure the homeland!

Panthers3789d ago

someone needs to edit down that cat vid so that it is as short as the other one

ThanatosDMC3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Btw, that's no lemur... it's called a Tarsier. It's a very very tiny monkey. I went to some island in the Philippines and the tour people let them climb on you and whatever. I have a picture of one on top of my head. They're nocturnal animals that feed on bugs.... the more you know.

They have claws though... so watch out.

@ Rockleex

WTF? That girl started making that sound... anyway, Japanese tv shows, huh? I was in a hotel in Japan and i flipped the channel... it was some sort of moaning contest and the guys have to guess who's faking it. HAHAHAH!


lol, everything i said would happen this year, has happened. I even predicted id be layed off, and it happened. LOL

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Immortal Kaim3789d ago


Can I have some bubbles now ;)

chidori6663789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

i lol the cat...... XDDDDDDDD

i find this off the 360 owners
how they are feeling about it....


MazzingerZ3789d ago

It looks like a scared animal to me...I find difficult to find fun in that kind of stuff...

FPShooter3789d ago

that was great. bubbles

97gsx3789d ago

That cat had a nice collar it was probably at the vet. My dog crys nonstop at the vet and the groomer since its so spoiled at home.

Blackcanary3789d ago

Thats not even funny dude thats a cat that got neglected your to bad mind.

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Eiffel3789d ago

How does this surprise anyone? That's like celebrating an American made product doing well in America.

gta28003789d ago

Maybe because the Wii has always been the top seller in Japan for who knows how many months now.

Disccordia3789d ago

But that *does* happen, week after week we're subjected to "news" about how the 360 outsold the PS3 in the US.

Godmars2903789d ago

How many times does the race card have to be thrown into this?

joemayo763789d ago

hello Chrysler, GM, and Ford

sorry couldn't help it

thereapersson3789d ago

How do you explain the months and months where the PS3 was getting pummled by the Wii, and sat only a few grand above the 360?

Your comment doesn't make any sense

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Flipfito3789d ago

those japanese might really love FF