GamingIndians: Ninja Blade Review

The game is divided into 9 chapters, each averaging to about 45 to 50 minutes each, making the overall game rather short at some 7 hours. The statistics of each mission can be uploaded to Xbox LIVE and can be compared to others who have played this game, which is something like a time trial leaderboard, but here not only the time, but also other stats like the number of finishing moves executed, amount of damage caused, the amount of damage taken, total mission score, etc. can be compared.

Also Ken's costume can be customised to custom colours and with the various collectables unlocked during gameplay. All these, enhance the replayability of the game. Ninja Blade is a very good effort by From Software. The rather bland story is more then compensated by the spectacular QTE-enhanced gameplay. It is a must-play for all hack and slash fans.

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