Final Fantasy XIII: Battle Details Disclosed

Although today's news confirms what many have already speculated, it is still very intriguing! Tetsuya Nomura recently sat down with Dengeki Magazine to chat it up about Final Fantasy XIII's battle system. The game appears to have a lot of strategy, with players having to choose their actions wisely, even within a single turn.

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Xwow20083787d ago

an amazing game for sure.
can,t wait 2 play it :)))

gaffyh3787d ago

None of these articles ever explains anything properly. I don't think I'll understand this battle system until I play the actual game.

WengYong3786d ago

If this game and vs 13 are anything short of spectacular I will never play a Square Enix game again. Go back to SquareSoft, now please

Xeoset3787d ago

All the more I here about it, the more I want it. The way the editor describes his/hers thoughts on the battle system is exactly what I'd want it to be like.

I really can't wait to install this on the old Xbox 360 HDD and get stuck in. I'm hoping MS is still in it's shopping spree feeling and pays out for some DLC to keep me going.

Xeoset3787d ago

Disagree? I take it you don't like the idea of the battle system then...

Reibooi3786d ago

I would assume people are disagreeing with the installing to the HDD comment as unless you have a 120g elite installing isn't happening. Lost Odyssey is to big for the 20g hard drive and FFXIII will be massive so it may even be a problem for 60g owners.

Also SE has already stated numerous times that there will be no DLC for Final Fantasy XIII in any way shape or form on either platform. Kitase-san stated in a interview that they will not be doing DLC for the game as he and his team would rather use that time to make a whole new game instead of a tacked on add on.

TwistedMetal3787d ago

so i can play it this year. i want the game now!!

Xeoset3786d ago

I'm not too sure whether they'll do it. It's a big release so I'd assume they want to be able to brag about the European and American sales records and don't want to risk the sizes because of importing.

Just a hunch/theory.

Redempteur3786d ago

With the style of Advent Children ( WHY NOT , not everyone likes it but it's not bad ), the quickness of Final Fantasy X-2 ( noooo bad bad ...) , and the strategy of the Playstation Era battle systems ( witch one ? all three were so diferent on their take on stratégy ? ), Final Fantasy XIII might just have the best yet..

Reibooi3786d ago

It's kinda common sense that when they say the style of Advent Children they are referring to the insane battles. Advent Children easily has some of the best battle scenes in any movie anywhere. They are incredibly fast and frantic and look great and fluid.

As for the likeness to the X-2 being bad that's really not the case. While X-2 may have a bad rap as a game it's 90% because of style and story choices. When it comes to battle system X-2 has one of the best RPG battle systems on the PS2. It's simple to pick up yet incredibly deep at the same time.

Doctor Strange3786d ago

I agree about the X-2 battle system. Despite all the girl power that oozes from X-2 the battle system was just lovely in that game and overall I still like X-2. It wasn't the best final fantasy by a long shot but I still enjoyed it.

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