Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers "Don't Touch That Dial" Gameplay

Gametrailers writes:

"What's playing on the big screen?"

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kesvalk3790d ago

this videos are starting to scare me...

Godem3790d ago

what the hell was that?!

mastiffchild3789d ago

I learned sooo much from that. I'm sold! Where's my pre-order?

Why? Why let that out when it basically tells us zip about anything?

ForNgoods3789d ago

Let the hype train being??

ChickeyCantor3789d ago

THe thing is, and i think lots of people are missing it, is that the Guard who crashed into him walked up to him because he "knew" he did something.

I guess Square is showing that the NPC have some sort of social AI.

I could be wrong though.

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