Microsoft: We Pwn Video Downloads

No longer content with kicking ass in the video game sales and downloadable games field, Microsoft shot off a press release today crowing about their successes with downloadable TV shows and movies.

Here's the tally:
· Within four months of launching, Xbox LIVE has become the number one online distributor of television and feature film content in the living room where it's most easy for consumers to access.
· In the same four months, the service has quickly become the number two online distributor of television and feature film content, second to iTunes.
· Is currently the ONLY online distributor of major feature films and television programming in high definition (HD) resolution.
· The service is a breakout success, with double-digit, month-over-month growth since launching.
· Monthly downloads from Xbox LIVE went up 400 percent since the service launched in November.

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socalr64323d ago

This is why I cancelled DSL and tommorrow will have Roadrunner extreme @ 8megabits download and will not be getting a box for my bedroom. I figure 1 cable box on the SDTV in the living room is enough. My HDTV already gets over the air stuff which is the best HD content out(free). The 360 and the fastest internet that is available in my area is how I'm gonna roll. Can't wait to watch "The Departed" in HD

DEIx15x84323d ago

The Departed is a great movie! The XBLVM overall is good but it disappoints me with the fact that Studio 60 while recorded and aired in HD is only available in SD. The other major shows are available in HD so it might be a WB thing since it was made available through the WB contract while NBC still owns the rights to air it.

Douglasp4323d ago

Last time i check i think it was only in SD with HD available soon.? Or am I wrong.? I think snakes on a plane is also SD. But there SD stuff looks a good also. So far I download a 4gb movie in less than a 1 hour and it's ready to play in within 25 mins. I have roadrunner 6mb download.