GamingTrend Review: Skate 2

GamingTrend writes: "When the original Xbox came out, Amped was one of the launch titles. Not long after that, SSX Tricky came out. Since both were snowboarding games, comparisons between the two were inevitable, even though their approaches were different. The Amped games took a more realistic approach, while the SSX games were more about crazy tricks and speed.

While Tony Hawk has had some occasional competition in the skateboarding arena, none of the challengers could make a dent in the series until last year when EA's Skate came along. Apparently Activision took the new competition seriously as they decided to take a year off of the Tony Hawk series. Now Skate 2 has come out with no competition, but does that mean that they took an easy route with the sequel, and what does Skate 2 offer that Tony Hawk hasn't?"

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