GamingTrend Review: Six Flags Fun Park

GamingTrend writes: "Six Flags, the iconic American amusement park. Sure you might try to tell me I meant Disneyland, but there is, what, five of those in the world? Well there are 15 Six Flagses! And, and, sir, and Six Flags doesn't muck up their focus with all that movie making and TV stuff; not to mention NOT being headed up by a giant rat. So we agree that Six Flags is the iconic American amusement park.

When I think of Six Flags I think giant roller coasters. I think big crowds of all ages. I think over-priced foodstuffs, and aching feet. Then there are the merchandise items: huge foam fingers, shirts, bags, hats, and other things to take home that will last at least 3 cycles through the washing machine before they become workshop rags. I think of fun, thrills, and expelling the aforementioned foodstuffs after jumping into terrifying carts of death with 30 other similar-minded maniacs of speed. I think of fun and memories that last forever.

Now we are given an opportunity. An opportunity to bring all that joy home! To be at Six Flags while never leaving the couch. I present, lady and gentleman, Six Flags Fun Park."

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