Nintendo DSi Shortages Not Likely Says Gamestop

BeefJack writes: "In the past Nintendo has had trouble keeping up with demand for their hardware and many fear the same siutation is likely to happen on April 5th when the Nintendo DSi is released. Gamestop and its employees are making it clear that in the short term it doesn't seem likely that there will a lack of DSi's."

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mrdxpr23789d ago

well i called those idiots at Gamestop and told me that tomorrow is only for preorders buu soo hopefully Bestbuy will sell me one :) if not then i wont buy a DSi i will only buy one tomorrow if not then i will not get it ...

anubis123789d ago

I just got back from our midnight launch....5 people showed up lol.....but we had about 10 dsi that were not reserved and free to sell...gamestops should have them for sure

+ not everyone that works their are idiots..its just a job.....but i have been into some gamestops where i just want to punch every employee lol

mrdxpr23789d ago

true not everyone cause now the nearest Gamestop to my place got rid of the old idiots now they have people that are profesional. i hope i fined one if not oh well..

LeonSKennedy4Life3789d ago

As a former Gamestop employee, I can tell you that it may or may not be true...depending on the store.

Regardless, Walmart, Best Buy, and a few others...

Mutley4163788d ago

agreeded not everyone but most of

jay23788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

You can get them everywhere in the UK. Is the big N finally learning, of cause not, people don't want the DSI, they want the DS 2, and no cool Mario or zelda game made just for DSI, Nintendo should have done that 100%.