Red Faction: Guerilla - Demo Impressions True destruction or truly destroyed?

OXCGN writes:

Explosions. Fun, aren't they? While during this console generation, many action games have gotten far more tactical and precise. There's at least one that remembers the sheer joy of fire, smoke and Havok-powered ragdolls flying through the air. Is it any surprise it's coming from the same studio as Saint's Row 2?

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Immortal Kaim5057d ago

I loved the old Red Faction games. I'm actually looking forward to this next gen version.

Superfragilistic5057d ago

Yeah I like the writers comments about how this game not taking itself so seriously. That its about FUN!

Something which Volition did a damn good job of with Saints Row 2.

Hopefully lightning can strike twice!

gaminoz5057d ago

I think one of the first PS2 titles I got was Red Faction! Loved it. The second wasn't as good though.

Explosions are good if you get to explode neato things. Bad Company had great destructibility but the houses all looked the same outside and in.

phosphor1125057d ago

If it is in the generation we are currently in?

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Can't wait.

REALgamer5057d ago

I guess everyone's so used to the marketing terms of everything being 'next-gen' we've forgotten we're way into the current generation. =)

PR doesn't sound as impressive saying 'and here's our new current-gen game!'

TheIneffableBob5057d ago

The destruction is certainly 'next-gen'. We haven't really seen anything like it yet, aside from the NVIDIA PhysX implementations, but those were primarily tech demos. Mirror's Edge's PhysX functionality was nice, but it was used primarily to give more "fullness" to the scene instead of making things that blow up look nice.

Immortal Kaim5057d ago

Damn, I hate PR speak as well.... :)

Well, if you re-read my statement though, it is technically the next-generation version of Red Faction in comparison to the older games ;)

phosphor1125057d ago

I mean, it's the "next-gen" version of the Red Faction iteration, but its just that the current consoles being supported are now "current-gen" because we are using it, next gen would be like..something running crysis split screen lol.

Anyway, still, point taken on next gen iteration of red faction..and once again, cant wait lol. I wanna blow stuff up.

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Superfragilistic5057d ago

And thought it was okay and certainly unique. But I still have my reservations about this one.

Although THQ seems damn confident when its already declaring a Red Faction 4! lol

REALgamer5057d ago

IT shows they have faith in the franchise and are committed to it even before they see sales data of RF: Guerilla.

Volition are really becoming a great developer for games that ignore realism and simply focus on the fun, which is great since so many franchises are going for the more gritty style (eg; GTAIV).

Superfragilistic5057d ago

Yeah I agree they're just making games that are guilty pleasures full of unimpeded fun. No pretences or BS about realism.

I am a bit worried about "the new direction" that Volition has claimed Saints Row 3 will go... hopefully they're talking about the location rather than the gameplay and themes.

Calvin_ISA5057d ago

I don't see why people didn't like Red Faction II. The splitscreen with bots was some of the funnest gaming my pals and I have had. Creating and leveling up bots, the maps, the civilian character models, the guns, the levels, changing your name, and giving the bots wacky names like "Xylophoner" "*sshat" or "F***Head" made it something I'll never forget. To say it "sucked" is just saying you never *really* played the game. Sure, the campaign fell short of RF1's... But the splitscreen totally made up for it.

Personally, I ABSOLUTELY couldn't wait for RFIII (now Guerilla) until I found out it's 3rd person. That changes it SO much. I'll still give it a shot and I'm positive it'll be heaps of fun, but the 3rd person changes it a lot and might kill it for me.

They should give an option for first person, so RF vets can play it like it's predecessors. (: FUN FUN FUN. I want to play some RFII now, believe it or not. :P

XboxOZ3605057d ago

When we went to THQ's Resident Evil 5 day, they had Red Faction: Guerilla there on two other screens . .I spent most of my time on those two screens than RE5 . . .

This game will surprise many with regards to what the style and level of destruction there is in the game, and the sheer fun it has.

GrathiusXR5057d ago

Regardless of whether it garners negative/reviews or not this is one game that i shall be buying based on because it is so fun and having played Red Faction 1 + 2 of course im gonna play the 3rd in the series..

The BETA was surprisingly fun and enjoyable especially when you had a group of friends it was awesome fun..

I say the game will not dissapoint

ballsofsteel5057d ago

to my surprise i actually did like the demo however my concern is if it will get old. the destruction is really cool and the gameplay is sold but i hope there more than just complete mission but destroying everything in your path. will wait for reviews

XboxOZ3605057d ago

Personally I think way too many gamers do not give any games a decent amount of time to enjoy. They get bored way too fast, their attention span is simply too short and no matter what a developer does to satisfy them, it will never be enough or right.

SImply enjoy the game (any game) for what it offers, fun, variety and simple gaming enjoyment.

gaminoz5057d ago (Edited 5057d ago )

I guess Fracture had the gimmick of moving the ground around but the game seemed dull as. Good that this one might avoid that! And Mechs really do rule in these games!!!

XboxOZ3605057d ago

I disliked Fracture no end, and was sceptiucal of this, especially after the kuffufl over ppl saying the game would not fit on a DVD9 or that the 360 would never be able to play the game.

I thought it would be cut to pieces. But we have played BOTH the PS3 and the Xbox 360 demos, and they are both the same, and the games is excellent.

It's not just wandering around aimlessly smashing stuff up. You have roles to plays, tasks to complete, you'll lose points if you injure citizens or cause unwanted damage that inflict civilian loss. You have timed missions and the need to get places without being seen . .

So it's not as dumb as many might think it is. It's just being played up as a great destructive style game, which it is, and more.

Superfragilistic5057d ago

Fracture had a good idea... executed horribly.

Kushan5057d ago

XboxOZ360 - That's proof right there that you shouldn't listen to what a bunch of fanboys say. On either side of the fence, they're just as bad as each other and, more often than not, full of crap.

XboxOZ3605057d ago

Couldn't agree more mate.

We were given BOTH games to review (demos) as we have BOTH consoles at our disposal. We think both consoles are great yet simply chose one over the other due to 'personal preferences' . . So developers/publishers know we won't bag a title of theirs if its on theother platform - simply because it is.

Fanboys are the scurge of the gaming fraternity, no matter what side of the fence they reside on. We do not tolerate them on OXCGN, and any comments that could or would inflame others are simply not published. If someone can not discuss things in a civil tone and manner, we (OXCGN team) do not want them on the site - period.

Both games games rocked and no matter what platform you have, you'll walk away from this having had some solid, decent fun, and want to play it again and again.And after all, isn't that what we want from gaming . . . ?

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