520° Says "PS3 Is Dying" HipHopGamer Says No Check The Interview

Scott from vs HipHopGamer in a discussion about the console war and the future it holds. There can only be one winner

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Hellsvacancy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

This has got CRAP written all over it its not even worth anymore of my time

Perhaps i should start The Trash Metal Gamer Show? yay or nay?

snipermk03795d ago

How did HHG climb from an Alexa rating of 215,670 to 55,678? Flaimbait articles and ignorant gaming sh!t. Say hello to the new SDF..

Immortal Kaim3795d ago

Agree. The thing is, he knows how to work N4G. The problem is, when he actually tries to go legit, no one will pay attention anymore because he has no integrity.

iamtehpwn3795d ago

made good, decent points this time.

Hydrolex3795d ago

But no ! ur just another gamer like me and the hiphopgamer. He is probably rich and he at least get the games way earlier than u for reviews

and of course Developers love him more than you cuz they give their games to him to review them

Crimsonite3795d ago

Another flamebait article by none other than hhg and now he seems to be promoting another natural born ignorant. Good luck with that. I suggest people stop posting on his articles and stop clicking his links.

xabmol3795d ago

Do it.

Until then STFU, please.

Shadow Flare3795d ago

If a console were dying, i'd imagine there would be a similar trend with its game line-up. You know, sort of being REALLY weak. Because if a console was dying, then surely no games would be coming out for it? Uh. . . . oh wait a second, . . . mmmm, that's interesting. What's that other console on the market that has no games for this year? Ah. . . .

PS3's price cut = 360's 3rd place

Because that is ALL ps3 needs

ZuperAmazingCooKie3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

It's going to be called "Elitist Gamer show", it'll be all about classical music (heavily criticizing everyone's taste in "ghetto trash". HipHop will be forbidden. Then again, that's obvious), talks about science, fashion, philosophy, art, and all of their relations with gaming, all spoken in a pompous manner while being disdainful against all those that simply don't "belong" in "high class" or "high society" scenarios with jokes that are generally considered of "bad taste".

You know, just to bring balance to the equation. XD

CommonSense3795d ago

why doesn't hhg crawl into a hole somewhere and die already?

who gives a sh!t about the opinions of ANY fanboys? aside from biased non-gamers.

Trollimite3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

it is evedent that the ps3 is not dying. cudos to him for defending the little guy.

@ below. the ps3. be honest when is the last time you saw a positive ps3 article?

no one show the ps3 any love!

TheRealSpy3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

this generation of gaming has little to do with actual gaming. it's more about ego and fanboy corporate support.

bored to death of the "articles" we get on n4g.

if the mods cared at all about their website they'd put an end to this fanboy garbage. but something tells me this site isn't actually run by level headed, unbiased gamers.

@the guy above me... what little guy???

are you kidding? every day just about. in fact, some of the top articles are pro ps3. and even if that wasn't true, which it is, they still aren't the little guy. sony has sold over 100 million ps2s, they are giant corporation. i don't get your point. you don't read the forums? every day thousands of ppl on n4g alone are standing up for ps3. and i'm not saying it like it's a good or bad thing, it's just a thing. in fact, show me the pro 360, PC, or wii articles on the top of n4g today. you can't, because there aren't any. so again...what little guy?

EDIT: troll below. umm. i'm blaming everyone that allows fanboyism to overtake gaming. i'm not singling out sony or MS here. and i think it's a cheap way to argue to bring up something unrelated to the topic.
the point is that n4g is becoming a dump site for unintelligent bloggers that are desperate for attention and the only way they can get it is by starting flame wars. it's a joke.

and here you are defending his actions because you think sony doesn't have enough ppl supporting them. then you bring up MS as if it has anything to do with this. pretty low man...

regardless of the support a company might deserve, this is not the way to go about it. HHG is not a smart guy. he doesn't make good points. he goes on and on about his opinion which is why every other sentence out of his mouth is "in my opinion." which, in itself, is proof he's a moron because generally when you offer an opinion, it's obvious and shouldn't have to be preceded by that stupid phrase. but since HHG has nothing of any substance to actually offer, that's all we get. and that's why his articles should be banned.

sorry for being verbose.

one more edit: you want proof? goto or hit the back button. look at the top (hottest) articles.

n4f3795d ago

ur a so f*ckin glad im not the only thinkin like that. bubble for you

boodybandit3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

is people from his website, including himself, submitting and approving their own articles on N4G. I don't understand why N4G allows that.

Agent-X (some of his handy work where he responded several times making a fool of himself earlier today ) writes articles for HHG and he approved this article. For all we know more than half the people from their site submit and approve their own articles. That should not be allowed.

Trollimite3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

blame microsoft. they started this whole numbers game. before they started blazing there way through the video game industry putting numbers over anything else.

p.s. if you dissagree please state a reason why so i can rebut

also im talking about the ps3 not the ps2 or psp or any other sony device. please provide proff for these positive ps3 articles

why do you guys hate the hip hop gamer so much, we are never going to agree so im done arguing. its so pointless

n4f3795d ago

well i disagree cause every system is talking about there number its normal. now you point that microsoft start when in fact sony is always saying trash talk like ''only can be done on ps3'' ''the ps3 is the future'' '' ds if for children and psp is for the real one'' '' ps3 can only do 4d''
of course microsoft doing some trash talk but the worst is ps3.Heck they even hype most of there game before they even exist.

Trollimite3795d ago

were you born yesterday. there was no bragging or boasting before the xbox arrived.

name one time the ps1 bragged or said our system is better. they never did.

p.s. this is usless. im going to be the bigger man and walk away.

morganfell3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

You may believe this hydro. I am nothing like yourself or hhg. Likely many other gamers here are quite diverse from the two of you as well.

Most have nothing in common with you. Not in the least. In your flights of fancy and wild imaginings a resemblance to some of us may be your dream.

Know that ignorance has little to do with a proper command of the English language. One may have mastered it and be monumentally stupid. One may also have only bare communication skills yet possess an intellect to shake the foundations of the heavens.

Do not delude yourself. Neither you nor hhg display symptoms of the latter although you do suffer from that rather nasty grammatical capability issue.

@snioer. hhg is hardly the SDF. Apparently you haven't seen even half his absurd articles.

hhg has shown himself clearly to be the boy who cried wolf. The fact is he has flip flopped enough times to be elected to the US Senate.

snaz273795d ago

i mean come on hes a guy thats there doing something and to be honest i dont see the title of this article being flamebait atall its atcually factual its what happened when he spoke to the guy ffs... now dont get me wrong sometimes he has or rather the site has had flamebait titles without a doubt... but let me ask you all this question... who wouldnt give thier right arm to be in his position? being at gdc meeting the devs from guerilla games and capcom and every other big development company? having video calls with people from inside sony (cant remember the dudes name) but im sure you see my point... not to mention having games early etc! feck me id kill for that lol... so maybe just maybe there is a little bit of jealousy going on concerning hhg... an morganfall i normally enjoy your comments but to be honest you sound a little up your own arse with that last one cant you just give the guys a break? do you see how happy hhg is? cant you give it to him that hes there doing it?

snaz273795d ago

personally i think hhg has his own style which is very individual some might not like it but oh well you will never and can never please everyone... but he is very charasmatic (sorry i cant spell lol) and he cracks me up sometimes when hes interviewing big devs and getting em to "spin the belt" lol i mean who else would do that? its plain to see the guys on a high and loving what hes doing so more power to him

DarK-SilV3795d ago

All of you who are complaining (most of you are fanboys), watch the video before talking, HHG did not start the argument, Scott from first said Sony is dying, then HHG responded to him,
HATERS don't come to his articles if you don’t like him, just quit it
Good job HHG

dragunrising3795d ago

Beefjack said Mass Effect 2 was a timed exclusive (and coming to PS3). Did anyone else get that? No one else even mentioned it.

Godmars2903795d ago

Pity that by experience and rep I'm not going to waste my time reading anythign he has to say.

Mr.Mister3794d ago

whoa calm down get down of your high horse.
hes right trash talk were there all the time.sega vs nintendo ''sega does what nintendont'' tell me that this is not trash talk.

n4f3794d ago

so to you I was born yesterday. how about you do you remember the slogan sega does what nintendont? wow has soon that i say sony the troll come out the of the bridge.
you state that M$ start the whole thing while in fact it was there the whole time. you mad because of this? and after you called yourself a gamer?
Name on thing ps1 said that state there console was better? did i say ps1 were bragging it? of course they have its call marketing. EVERY COMPANY ON THIS PLANET DOES IT IN ORDER TO SELL.

you walking call urself a big man by WALKING AWAY?oh i see you walking away toward to go under the bridge

edit:why did you have to bring ps1 while i say that sony trash talk dont get me wrong saying that ps2 at 99$ will compete against wii...
i know its hurt your feeling but that the danm true sony does trash talk so does M$ and nintendo

BkaY3794d ago

but tht dude got owned by HHG....

sony is dying....?

my xbox is freakin dying by collecting the dust....


ape0073794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

hhg is rising,hhg is becoming more popular,hhg is advancing ahead

hhg is here to stay and he will be always appreciated by the "good" gamers,game developers and the gaming community

you n4g haters just keep hating,you keep hating,keep your fanboyism,we get high

no fanboyism

no haters

we are great gamers

you guys here are CORRUPTED

go hhg

gaffyh3794d ago

Lol that guy from Beefjack got completely owned! He thinks MS's exclusive lineup is better than Sony's! MS haven't even announced sh*t all yet and that's better than Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank 2, inFamous, God of War 3, MAG etc.? What a douche...

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Thoreau3795d ago

right you are.

maybe i should start my own trash website as well called, "i like what"

Parapraxis3795d ago

"There can only be one winner"
I disagree, it's very likely there could be two losers.

Godmars2903795d ago

The DS and PSP have already "won" handhelds, Where the Wii is so far ahead neither Sony nor MS considers it competition. Just the place they want to be.

Heck, if you really want to look at things correctly Sony wants what any sensible company wants which is to turn a healthy profit, where MS wants to lead in market share expecting profit to follow.


i continue to enjoy gaming.i have not died,i live on.Hopes and dreams not what it seems.Up Up,Down Down,Left,right,Left,right,B,A ,START.Now with infinite lives there can be no 'loser' in this war.War has changed..............

terrandragon3795d ago

HHG is dying for that attention and trying to keep it alive with sh*t articles and stories.

Blackcanary3794d ago

watch the damn video before writing dumb ass comments.