VGC Review: Rune Factory: Frontier

VGC writes: "Marvelous' farming sim and action RPG hybrid makes its way to Wii. Is doing chores by day and slaying monsters by night still a winning combination?

Rune Factory: Frontier is Marvelous' third attempt at blending the farming-sim Harvest Moon series with action-RPG elements to create something new in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience. Frontier is the series' first entry on the Wii, taking place immediately after the first DS game, with the same main character and several other returning members making up the supporting cast. The Wii game also marks the first time that either Harvest Moon or Rune Factory have been published in the US by a company other than Natsume, with Marvelous and XSEED jointly handling the localization, publishing, and distribution process. The game manual is a whopping 42 pages long, so settle in for a rather lengthy discussion of the many different gameplay elements."

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