Welcome to the Future of has just gone through a major re-design.

"Welcome to the new It's got a new look, a new feel, new navigation and fresh new tools and technologies to help you enjoy our monomaniacal pursuit. There are going to be some obvious improvements for you to play around with, and some obvious bugs here and there (mostly caused by yours truly as I come to terms with the epic new technology) but overall, we think this is a happy, pleasant and clean new Bungie experience, that's going to set the stage for added features when Halo 3 launches in the fall."

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Marriot VP4764d ago

thank goodness, I hated the cross bar for halo 2. It just wasn't ergonomic enough

Covenant4764d ago

The basic design is more or less the same...but it's smoother, more organized, and less cluttered. Love that counter at the top representing the number of Halo 2 players currently online. (Wait until H3...they'll need a bigger counter!)

Waffle-boy4764d ago

...for me. I get a live login error. Grrr...

PS3Wii4764d ago

but I liked the old design better.