Kutaragi: Linux and OS X on PlayStation 3

A recent interview posted on Gamespot had Ken Kutaragi commenting on the PS3, and the console possibly running Apple's OS X Tiger along with other operating systems such as Linux.

Fat Onion6510d ago

Can PS3 be hooked up to a printer? I already have a xbox 360 for games. I guess if I get an HDTV I will get a PS3 if blu ray wins.

Droidbro6510d ago

why dont you just buy a computer?

Fat Onion6510d ago

so I can watch blu ray movies as stated above

jedicurt6510d ago

so if this is true. then you are talking about a powerful and yet cheap workstation for Mac OSX offices.

This is quite an interesting thought. Guess the same could be said for windows offices, just i happen to do ordering for an office that uses only Mac OSX and at the price tag of $600, that is a damn good deal if the circulating specs are correct. i can't wait to see

omansteveo6510d ago

It wont happen read the last paragraph in the article hes just talkins out of his @ss again

Droidbro6510d ago

so the ps3 is suitable for cubacles

THAMMER16510d ago

I think that Sony is just slapping the LUNIX Os in the PS3 so they can get the Tax break on claiming the PS3 is a computer.

kingboy6510d ago

Everything sony does whether good or bad it`s bad for people here,geez! give it a rest

TheMART6510d ago

This guy is making such a big clown of himself.
The PS2 also would be a computer to cut taxes in Europe for SOny.

You all know why?

Because they just lost almost 600 million dollars again in the first quarter of this year. They have to earn some cash somewhere!

Ofcourse it can run Mac OSX. Come on. You know how long it takes to make it run properly on other hardware then the Mac? It takes a lot of programming to do that. When it works without errors, the lifecycle of this gen consoles will be over for sure.

And barbie Ken we already own a PC and a Mac. We would like a GAMING CONSOLE
stupid *rs

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jznrpg12h ago

Still have my ps3 copies. Bought it at launch and another one when I found it cheap and in perfect condition about 10 years ago. I wouldn’t buy it on Switch but if they made a PS5 version I would. I still have one of my PS3 Fats hooked up so good to go either way.

darthv7212h ago

Id play it again on the switch. I wished my 360 version was bc but this is still a good way to play.


Fallout 3's Reveal Led To Death Threats And Bethesda's First Security Guard

The artist behind Fallout 4’s Deathclaw reveals just how bad things got back when Bethesda took over the series

anast14h ago

People are stupid I get it. No one should feel unsafe,

But I think they need to talk about why they cut so many corners during the development process and why none of their games ever look current. And why they think all of this is okay while they charge full price.

LucasRuinedChildhood13h ago

As much as Bethesda deserve criticism, that's not really relevant to the reveal of Fallout 3 in 2007.

VenomUK10h ago

The default angle Kotaku always go for is to highlight the worst in gaming.

I would’ve focused on the creative.

gold_drake9h ago

there is no "but". the hell lol
you dont send death threats, period.