tri-Ace's Next RPG Pondering Our Brains

SCRAWL: "So, tri-Ace is working on a new role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The opening of the "NEWRPG" teaser site earlier this week confirmed that. They tease it on the "NEWRPG" teaser site with the date of April 10, 2009 (when the countdown ends) as well as their official site where on their home page, it says "The NEW RPG PROJECT has been started." What could the minds of tri-Ace be putting their talents towards this time?"

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Zeus Lee3792d ago

How about you wait until April 10th instead of showering us with useless speculation articles?

Kamikaze1353792d ago

Seeing Tri-Ace's track record for the current gen and all (360 exclusive and bad games)....close to the game's release they'll act like a PS3 version was never announced.

Darkiewonder3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

But The last Remnant wasn't a Tri-Ace game and the games they did develop [Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery] started out without a platform [Maybe IU since it was announced at MS Conference] but some people just thought most of the jrpgs was going to be on ps3 anyways.

As far at TLR goes.. LMFAO

Kamikaze1353792d ago

I never said that. I said it'll pull off something similar....being announced for the PS3, then a few months after the 360 release, Tri-Ace will act awkward about the PS3 release and act like they never mentioned it.

ReaperXL73792d ago

Would be Radiata Stories 2, the first one was an awesome Ps2 RPG that blended Suikoden(with the amount of characters you could recruit and it's setting), and Star Ocean( for the battle system).

It was made by Tri-Ace got pretty good review scores, and fully deserves a sequel, so hop to it Tri-Ace.

joemayo763792d ago

Valkyrie Profile 3 confirmed!!!!

man i wish but i also agree @ radiata stories sequel would be neat

just have to wait a few days

Panthers3792d ago

SO4 looked good. Hoping the next game will be great. I would also like SO4 on PS3

cyrus2283792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

a new valkyrie profile would be awesome, a next gen one that is, i luv the ds one.

and idiots what do ya mean tri-ace made bunch of bad games? infinite undiscovery is 1, star ocean was great. and those r the only 2 they made this gen so why so much tri-ace hate



SO4 is comin to ps3, guide says "for 360 version" obviously its comin to ps3 with more content if the guides will differ i guess

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The story is too old to be commented.