Bungie: Halo 3 Graphics Have Now Improved Leaps and Bounds Visually

Some Halo 3 test screenshots look exactly like concept art, says Bungie.

Graphically what has been seen so far of Halo 3 hasn't exactly blown our socks off, but according to Bungie's latest community update the more-complete version of the game has improved leaps and bounds visually, and is looking "amazing".

"The exteriors still needed some polish, but sweet crimeny Christmas. It looked amazing," the update reads, describing a more complete Halo 3 campaign stage, which apparently has "lit, shader effects, proper detail, atmospherics" and "audio" up and running.

"Last week I talked about how we were adding all this hyper realistic stuff, while still trying to keep it true to the look and feel of Halo," the post continues. "The evolution of those ideas is that some of the test screenshots we took for an internal presentation, looked exactly like their concept paintings. Not just in terms of scale or detail, but the actual color palette. It's rich and vivid and full of life."

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SEAN16174815d ago

looking forward to this one, please ad keyboard and mouse support you bastards lol

ChickeyCantor4815d ago

there is a converter, gamepad>mouse and keyboard.

THAMMER14815d ago

H3 is going to own. I can not wait to law some SMACK on some noobs.

power of Green 4815d ago

He just a bitter Sony leaning diehard; they usually can not make a positive comment about MS without saying something spitful at the same time or it could be that he really doesnt know as a KB&M lover that this option is available for the 360! as most people that have touched a 360 knows.

Columbo4815d ago

Yes, it was already posted by the SAME user less than 24 hours ago. It was a different source, but exactly the same news and quotes.

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The story is too old to be commented.