Will the Next Fable Leave the RPG World Behind?

BeefJack writes: "Only a short while after a Tweet slip which alluded to Fable III being in the works, Peter Molyneux has suggested gamers look at the franchise in a different light:

'Don't think about Fable 2 as an RPG franchise-think about it as the world of Albion…There's a niche for Fable as there's humor in there and there's a Britishness and I think we'll keep that side of it. But whether it's more action or PRG or MMO or some new genre-that's what we have to do.'"

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XLiveGamer3795d ago

what they need to do its learn from Oblivion

Cyrus3653795d ago

I think you'll see something more of hybird like Fallout, an RPG, based on some sort of shooting like mechanic.

Or maybe more like RTS/RPG like Valk Chronicles, there's lots of options.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3795d ago

I don't see everyone talking about Resistance 3 or Gears 3 or Killzone 3 or hell even Halo 4, we all want these franchises to take a rest already. Well, for a while at least. I hope Lionhead doesn't announce Fable 3 soon. These franchises need to be re-booted just like Resident Evil had a re-boot last-gen and needs one urgently. Same for Fable.

FlameBaitGod3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Y would people be talking about killzone 3 ? kz2 came out what ? 1 month and a half ago ? and Resistance its a fresh ip of the playstation 3 unlike gears and halo who where on the original xbox already.

edit: Wow Lol i though i had played gears 1 on the xbox, srry about that.

frostbite063795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Gears wasn't on the original xbox, but I agree, too early especially when Molyneux's development times are usually longer in nature

ParanoidMonkey3795d ago

Why would they suddenly change an RPG series to something else entirely? Makes absolutely no sense. The games sell great as they are, that'd risk their future success. If anything, I think he's alluding to more sidegames like Pub Games.

PotNoodle3795d ago

All i want for the next one is a streaming world, the load screens in every town were terrible.

likedamaster3795d ago

I thought both Fables were quite enjoyable. They were exactly what I expected.

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