Sony says the DSi is for kids, the PSP is for winners

Engadget writes: "Well, chalk this up for out of the ordinary -- Sony's PR team just sent us a "Statement from Sony PlayStation on PSP and Competitive Landscape" that basically boils down to SCEA director of hardware marketing John Koller calling the DSi a kid's toy that "ignores significant gamer demographics" and has minimal third-party support compared to the library of "blockbuster" titles on the PSP. Seriously, it's so weird we're just going to reprint the whole thing:"

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3790d ago is the parents that want to placate little Johnny that find the DS much more appealing as a gift to their kids. SONY hasn't targeted the core toy/gaming market that the under 12 set represents and has got their ass handed to them because of it (in total sales).

Though...33% of the hand held market for SONY's first attempt is pretty good in my books.

Mindboggle3790d ago

I dont think thats fair really to say they got their ass handed to them, as they are still doing pretty good. Its really hard to compete against a console who's got the casual market, simply because there are more casuals than gamers....Look at the Wii, and DS, and PS2. Many casuals are buying those consoles for games like Beach Party, and Barbie Adventure crap....And there are just too many casual buyers to compete with gamers.

50mil PSP's sold though is a dam good number, however the area they struggle is software with the increase in PSP piracy...

PirateThom3790d ago

A thing to note about the PSP is that it's actually the most successful non-Nintendo handheld of all time.

Going against Nintendo in handhelds usually doesn't end well. The Game Gear sold a mere 11 million unit again the 100m+ Game Boys.

The fact the PSP is selling as well as it is, in a Nintendo, not even dominated, a Nintendo monopolised market is an impressive feat.

lloyd_wonder3790d ago

I would think Sony would want to tap into that strong female and kids demographic, but obviously it won't be an overnight thing. Sony does have a Hannah Montanna PSP coming out. So, they're interested.

Immortal Kaim3790d ago

Ahhh What a terrible statement, shame on the ppl who are agreeing with it.
The DS is probably the greatest handheld of all time. The PSP does not have a 1/4 of the great games the DS does. Games for all ages.

I hate it when these PR guys make ridiculous comments and people lap it up.

pain777pas3790d ago

I carry my PSP only because I love its versatility and games for men like me. However this Sony rep should know his role and shut his mouth because Chinawars looks good and fun and is for us men who may play that game on the DS. I will not look down on Nintendo's success because the DS is fun there is no doubt about it. I used to play the poker touch mini game on the Mario64 like addictively so what do I know.

TheRealSpy3790d ago

of course they said that. it's their product. how is this even a discussion?

i like both ds and psp and i'm not a child...most of the time. and when i do feel like being childish, i get on n4g and force ppl to choke down my opinions.

why are we even talking about this? it's like we're waiting for someone in the industry to say "you know what? their product is better, don't buy ours, it's for little kids." THAT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

cereal_killa3790d ago

Got to agree with Thom on this every other hand held system that has tried to push it's way into the market has been kicked swiftly in the nuts by Nintendo. The PSP was a put in the same category when it was announced but was able to creep out of there and actually giving Nintendo a run for its money, Sony had some brass balls coming into this area but proved it belong there I wonder if M$ will ever attempt a hand held on there own?

ZuperAmazingCooKie3790d ago

Many analysts predicted the PSP to be as successful as PS2 and the DS to fail.

TheDude2dot03790d ago

DS is not the greatest hand held. It can't even play Pokemon Red. I say Gameboy Advance/Gameboy SP as greatest handheld.

Anon19743790d ago

I'm 35 and tend to spend more times in planes, and waiting around for planes then I'd really like to these past 5 years. I bought a Nintendo DS when they came out to help pass the time. That, I quickly learned, was a mistake.
It wasn't that the games were bad...they weren' was just so...kiddie. I really couldn't get into anything I tried other than Brain Age, and even that had me talking to my DS like a goof.

So it was with great relief that I finally tried a PSP and Syphon Filter and was instantly hooked. God of War, Syphon Filter, Socom, Burnout, Metal Gear...these were the games I wanted to spend my time with...not another top down version of Zelda that reminded me of the good times I had with it back in the day, then quickly bored the crap outta me. And I could always rip movies or TV shows to my PSP and even use it to check my email when I was out of town. Perfect way to kick back in your hotel room at the end of a long day stuck in conferences.

Nothing against the Nintendo DS or anything, but Sony hit the nail right on the head with that one. It's for kids. Even the way the controls are laid out seems like it was meant for small hands - my hands would cramp up within minutes of playing. When you see lists of the top 10 gadgets for business travelers, usually the PSP is right up there with the Nintendo DS or Gameboy nowhere to be found.

Immortal Kaim3790d ago

I enjoyed your comment, up until the definitive "It's for Kids".

I disagree with that statement because obviously, I'm an adult and I enjoy the system. We are all going to like different games on various platforms, but to shoe-horn the DS into a 'Only for Kids' category because you as an adult don't enjoy the games is a little naive.

Anyway, my comment is all in good spirit, would be interested in hearing your reply.


rockleex3790d ago

Its not for kids. Its for casuals(mostly)! ^_^

Anon19743790d ago

I'm well aware that Nintendo does have some M rated games out there, but these seemed few and far between to me while I owned the console. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't mind playing a more kid oriented game from time to time. I've got LocoRoco on my PSP as well, it's cute as hell, but in my time as a DS owner I just found I couldn't bring myself to get interested in Mario and Link like I used to. Even Metroid, which seemed like a well put together game ended up cramping my hands like crazy. I never have that problem with my PSP. I can understand why people like the DS, the games just weren't for me at the end of the day.

SaiyanFury3789d ago

I won't agree with Sony that the DSi is only for kids. There's something on the platform for everyone. Core/casuals/kids/adults. The DSi is actually a wide-ranging platform for people willing to look for games on it. I have it primarily for the Japanese RPGs that don't show up anywhere else, but that's only on a personal level. Given the choice, I'll take a PSP every time over the DS, but that doesn't make the DS any less relevant. I'm 30 now and own 2 PSPs and a DS Lite. I actually find my DS Lite quite comfortable to play on, both for DS games and for GBA games as well. The PSP also has a robust games library, although if you believe everything you read on the net, that's not the case. The Sony PSP is also the only handheld console in history to garner some kind of foothold in the handheld gaming platform market. Nintendo has had an almost uncontested domination of the handheld market for 20 years now, and the PSP is the ONLY handheld console to gain any kind of marketshare against Nintendo's monopoly. Is the PSP for winners? Perhaps, only those "winners" can decide that, it's not my decision to make. Is it a great handheld? Sh!t, yes. Is the DSi just for kids? I don't think so. Given the broad spectrum of titles available, there's something for just about everyone on it.

LoVeRSaMa3789d ago

I am happy at the focus Sony has with its PSP console, can you imagine if all games were like the Wii and the DSi?

I would not be a gamer, its great they are reaching in the corners to bring out "kids" and casuals into gaming, but I am hapy with the titles bought to my PSP ect..

mint royale3789d ago

why do Sony not get called out on this site but MS do? That is a shameful comment to make when your 'kiddie' competitor has outsold you 2-1. Don't tell me Sony don't want hte market nintendo has, any company would.

MS are the worst but Sony have shown they can be disrespectful too. If they want to get marketshare maybe they should stop trashing hte competition and focus on telling consumers why they should buy THEIR products.

godofthunder103789d ago

Unlike ps3 fanboys claim, it's fair to say that sony got their ass handed to them.Ps3 fanboys always claim that MICROSOFT(an American company)is always spinning the news in their favor.The fact is that it's sony that's doing it now and the facts prove it.

Sony is still doing it with the ps3 to.The ps3 sold about 8 million less consoles then the one in 2nd place out of 3 consoles and the lead is increasing.If you listen to Sony and the ps3 fanboys they are happy where they are at now(liers).The fact is that they can't stand it.Sony is used to dominating the console market for years.The reason was because they didn't really have any competition.The fact is that sony is competing against 2 great systems now.The fact is that Sony isn't dominating the game market any longer and ps3 fanboys are making up any excuse they can.Ps3 fanboys said that the ps3 would be in 1st place the 1st year it was out and it didn't happen.Ps3 fanboys said wait till MGS4 comes out and that didn't happen.Ps3 fanboys said wait till kz2 comes out and that didn't even happen.Ps3 fanboys said just wait till a certain game comes out and the ps3 would be in 1st place so many times i stoped counting. Every ps3 fanboy is now claiming that the reason the ps3 isn't in 1st place is because it's higher then the others and they are wrong their to.The ps2 dominated the market and it was over $100 more then nintendo at the time,as a matter of fact sony dominated right out of the gate.The fact is that they have a hell of a lot of people that like the 360 and the games on it more then the ps3 and that's a fact.Just because ps3 fanboys claim and act like it's a fact that the games on the ps3 is better doesn't mean it's a fact and it isn't.It's just their opponion and that goes for people who claim and act like it's a fact that the 360 is better.The fact is that just because the ps3 is higher isn't the reason it's behind.Like i said before the ps2 was a lot higher then nintendo and the ps2 kicked their a**es.This is just a different ps3 fanboy excuse since all the others didn't work.I bought 2 360s at launch and i'll admitt that i had to send 1 back a little after 2 years i had it but it didn't cost me a dime.Not that long ago i went and bought 2 elite models.I bought 1 for my room and 1 for the living room(the 1st 2 are in my kids rooms).I also know 3 people who bought the elite model not that long ago and i've seen a lot of people buying them to.The point i'm making is that every one of us could have bought a ps3 but instead bought the 360 elite because we like it more,I could have bought 2 ps3 but i didn't.

Sony and the ps3 fanboys are trying to spin the bad news about the psp into good news.The fact is that the psp isn't even close to the sales of the ds.Ps3 fanboys always claim that if a system can't win in Japan they can't win.Ps3 fanboys are now singing a different tune.Ps3 fanboys are now claiming that the psp is doing well,hell the majority of them claim they are winning(what a JOKE).The fact is that if it wasn't for the ps2 we wouldn't even have a ps3 or psp today.I don't care how ps3 fanboys spin it.The ps2 is the only thing that's keeping the ps3 and psp alive.They even have some ps3 fanboys claiming that parents are making their kids buy ds and that's bullsh*t.In other words someone made people buy the psp instead of the ds too,it's just a pathetic statement.TheReason that the ds is winning is because of games.The ds kicks sony a** when it comes to games and that's a fact.

The fact is that ps3 fanboys always have an excuse for the ps3 or the psp.Ps3 fanboys always said that companies make the majority of their money on software sold not systems sold and they are right.The reason i brought this up is because they are singing a different tune now.The fact is that the 360 has a big lead over the ps3 when it comes to software sold.The only game that even stayed close in sales was SF4 and that's the only one.Ever other crossplatform game on the 360 dominated in sells.Even the exclusives on the 360 outsold the exclusives on the ps3.The fact is that the 360 is dominating in the sale of software and this is the reason why Microsoft is making money on the 360 earlier then they thought.Ps3 fanboys are now saying that the sales of software doesn't count.The fact is that it took sony around 8 years to start making a profit on the ps2 itself.On the other hand they were making a big profit overall years before that.The reason that sony was making a big profit with the ps2 was because of software sells.This is the reason they sell their consoles for a lost.Companies don't even care about making a profit on the systems at 1st.They know that software sells will make it for them.

I'll admitt i have 360s and i wouldn't trade them for a ps3 for anything.This is my choice and i respect the choice of the people that think the same way about the ps3 because this is a free U.S for now.Unlike ps3 fanboys i'm not going to be childish and make up any excuse i can and act like every thing i say is a fact.They act like the ps3 is the greatest creation since man.They think that when a person see the ps3 or hear the word ps3 they should jumpe up and down,fall to their knees and thank god for the ps3.The fact is that the ps3 is just a console like anyother console.The fact is that it's just about outdated now.The fact is that developers are saying that they are starting to use 100% of the ps3 power now.The fact is that the ps3 is and nevr was future proof.That's just a pathetic and stupid remark.There isn't anything in the world that's future proof and that's a fact.

I think that the ps3 is a great system and so is the 360.They both have positive and negative things about them.Developers already said that the 360 does somethings better then the ps3 and the ps3 does somethings better then the 360.They both have good and bad exclusives on them.Every person that owns a 360 wish that they had at least 1 ps3 exclusive on it.Every 1 that owns a ps3 wish that they have at least 1 360 exclusive on it.I'm tired of hearing them cry and act like a bunch of morons saying that they hate every game that's on the other system because they are just lieing and acting childish.I wish that KZ2 was on the 360 on the other hand i hate childish games like LBP.I wouldn't even buy it if it was on the 360.Fanboys need to growup and stop making an a** out of themselfs.hell they had some ps3 fanboys that claim sony care about them.Sony and Microsoft doesn't give a sh*t about anyone.All they care about is making as much profit as they can.

I wish ps3 fanboys stop crying and saying that microsoft is the only company to buy games or like some morons claim steal game.I wish they stop saying that sony never did and never would do any thing like that because sony is the only 1 to make all their games.The facts prove the opposite.When sony 1st came out with the ps they went at every game that was on the nintendo to buy it and make it an exclusive for them,and it was a smart move.Sony bought or stole(ps3 fanboys remarks) the MGS SERIES,NINJA GAIDEN,FINAL FANTASY and a lot of other ps3 exclusives away from nintendo years ago and that's a fact.The fact is that Microsoft is doing the same thing to Sony what sony did to Nintendo so ps3 fanboys need to stop crying.I forgot it's alright for Sony to do it but not microsft SORRY.Ps3 fanboys need to stop crying and saying every one coppies off Sony and it needs to stop.They claim that sony is the only 1 to comeup with new things and the other companies can't so they coppy Sony.The facts prove them wrong again.

(1)-Ps3 fanboys claimed that Micro coppied their avaitors off the wii and they are right.On the other hand sony coppied home off the sims.hell i wish that the avators was more like the ones on the ps3.

(2)-When Microsoft 1st came out with the xbox they said that they wanted to make it a media center instead of just a game system.Sony said that people don't want that they wanted a game system.Sony said that their games will be better because unlike Micro they could spend all their times making games and EVERY PS FANBOY AGREED WITH SONY TO.Well Sony seen that it was catching on so they started doing the same thing.

(3)-It was Micro that started downloading movies,games,extra content,tv shows and other things before Sony did.Sony seen it was working they started doing the same thing.

(4)-It was Nintendo that started useing the moition controller 1st,Sony seen how people liked it and changed theirs to a moition controller to.This was right after they showed the controllers that was suppose to come with the ps3 at 1st,but still ps3 fanboys claim that Sony didn't coppy anyone.

(5)-It was Micro that made online gameing popular 1st.Sony seen it so they started doing it to.

I'll admitt that Sony came up with things 1st,hell they were the 1st ones to use dvds.The point i'm making is that Sony didn't come up with every thing 1st like ps3 fanboys claim.Ps3 fanboys need to stop being childish and give credit where credit is due instead of being hypercrits.

AAACE53789d ago

When I look in Game informer, the review index has list of the previous game reviews that came out for the past few months. Ironically, the Psp only has about 6-8 games listed. While the DS has 20-30 listed. Not to mention the fact that the NPD chart listed right on the other page always has Wii, DS and 360 in control of the top 20.

It's not that parents are controlling what their kids play so much, but more of people choosing what they want. Me and my wife just bought DSi's by the way.

I know alot of people who have Psp's but the thing is, they almost never but games for it. Why? Because most people buy the Psp so they can mod it and bootleg Psp games and old NES and SNES games on it.

I hope Sony can get their act together and fix the current state the Psp and Ps3 are in, because the Playstation brand is a much loved thing for gamers. I know longtime PS fans who have put their Ps3's on the shelf, and instead play PC, Psp(modded), 360 and DS.

*** I know the fanboys saw that as somekind of hate speech, so go ahead and take my bubbles... it's not like you have anything else to do!***

Anon19743789d ago

According to demographics released in Japan, Kotaku reported the biggest users of the Nintendo DS are 10 year old boys. Next up, women in their 30's followed by 10 year old girls and then dudes in their early 30's. Teens and twentysomthings are the last group of DS users.

According to US research, 80% of DS players are kids while PSP players tend to be between 16 and 24.

At the time of this info's release the statement that went along with it read: “The DS is still a kid’s device. There is a lot of mature content available for the PSP that is not available for the DS.”

pixelsword3789d ago

...and with that news, the Nintendo DS will be seen in the back offices of every Catholic priest worldwide.

lloyd_wonder3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Your post is full of nonsensical jargon fanboys foam at the mouth at. NPD= North America- not Europe, not Japan, and certainly not the world. You'd be hard pressed to find that type of paridgm anywhere else.

Go look at the weekly Famitsu or Media Create SW and HW numbers. Not one 360 title in the top 50, while the PS3 and PSP titles occupy the top ten. Hardware numbers tell a similar story and have the 360 at a $199.99 price point getting outsold by the PS2- a ten year old console scraping 5k/wk. While, the PS3 dominates the wii.

In Europe from sources such as Chartget, all the new releases of games have the PS3 charting more games in the top ten and more sales being generated by the PS3. PES, the biggest sports title in Europe last year has the PS3 version outselling the 360 version 2:1.

Sure, Sony had a rocky start. Any console manufacture releasing a brand new $600.00 console with no games would be practically dead in the water. Not because of the cost to make it an entry level console affordable to the mass consumer, but because no one would buy it. The PS3 only sold 10 million consoles in 07 and another 10 million consoles in 08- outpacing other console manufactures in the same time span. Fancy that though

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Elven63790d ago

Its a bit harsh to say its a kids toy, the DS has it's fair share of M rated games as well, GTA, Duke Nukem, Dementium, Moon, etc all come to mind. Don't get me wrong, I'll take a PSP over a DS any day, but I wouldn't shun the DS.

mastiffchild3790d ago

Compare the sales of GTA and Moon for DS with , say,CoO and VCS and LCS for PSP. Even though there are about a trillion DS out there the M rated games don't sell for Ninty consoles right now. Even Madworld and Hotd:O didn't sell on Wii with decent ads and a huge market to aim at.
It's becoming, sadly, apparant that you can't really sell adult/older themed games to Nintendo console owners on a decnt scale. Which makes the Sony statement kind of true.

SinnedNogara3790d ago

Sony is just jealous that the PSP is barely selling compared to the DS. And what AAA titles (other than Secret Agent Clank, Resistance Retribution and God of War) are on the PSP?? At least FPS games can run on the DS.

Not being a hater, just saying that Sony is very jealous.

majorsuave3790d ago

Sony is more pissed than jealous imo.
They are being owned on both fronts by Nintendo who sells games to grannys and kiddies while Sony caters strictly to the 15-25

Cajun Chicken3790d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Some of the best games on the PSP, I own about 3/4 of this list.

Medievil: Resurrection
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters
Secret Agent Clank
Burnout Legends
Tekken: Dark Resurrection
Gitaroo Man Lives!
Syphon Filter: DM
Syphon Filter: LS
MGS Portable Ops
MG Acid series
Metal Slug Anthology
Powerstone Collection
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars
Sega Mega Drive Collection
Lumines 1&2 (Kicked off a franchise)
Wipeout Pure
Wipeout Pulse

Plenty of games on PSP than the ones you listed. I can't honestly see as many 3d/action titles on the DS, the PSP seems more of a proper console playable in your hands, like what Sega tried to do ages ago, nothing really gimped down in graphics, most PSP games could easily be PS2 games and pretty much the power of a PS2 in your hands is nothing short of amazing. As for FPS games, thats pretty much because of the lack of the 2nd anologue stick. Personally, I just pretend the PSP is a handheld Dreamcast controller and actually has near comparable to Dreamcast shrunk down graphics.

SinnedNogara3790d ago

Really. Well, I didn't know about those titles. My bad (since I never really cared about handheld games anyway).

Still, only one analog stick is one reason to be very jealous.

I think I stated my comment wrong, and I usually agree with what you say, so here's a bubble.

wanderofys3790d ago

Just FYI, Moon is a T rated game. I own the game and just looked at it.

raztad3790d ago

man, I dont really understand why is so hard to accept that nintendo INDEED is aiming the DS to kids. They have been pretty successful and are making a lot of money doing that. It's like some diehards nintendo fans care much more about Nintendo image than Nintendo itself. Obviously kids are the ones using the DS, and except few games that tipically doesnt sell well (Rockstar must be regretting GTA:CW) the DS is all about games for kids, that is the naked true, why to spin that?

Cheeseknight283790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

That may just be the stupidest statement I've ever read.

Chinatown Wars and Moon have been out for a fraction of the time that God of War, Vice City Stories, and Liberty City Stories have been out (GTA and Moon came out THIS YEAR). Let's add the fact that Moon is a brand new franchise with no marketing behind it. And you expect it to compete with the 3 titles you cited on PSP? Surely you are joking? The same goes for Madworld and House of the Dead. Neither have been out for more than 3 months.


Let's see those sales figures for Chinatown Wars. Oh wait, it's only been out for 2 weeks. You also claim that they are marketing the system towards children, but some of the system's best games are those same games. Professor Layton, Trauma Center, Phoenix Wright, New Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Animal Crossing, even Pokemon D/P/P... they were all great games.

The only two that I could compare to those on the PSP are God of War and Crisis Core. However, God of War stayed in my system for less than 10 hours, which I definitely cannot say for any DS game I've owned (Which generally have a lot better length and replay value). Crisis Core has accumulated over 100 hours at least.


A few of the games you mentioned are good, but others were simply disappointing. Take the 3 (4 if you count PO+) Metal Gear games on the PSP. None came anywhere close to the brilliance of the main series. And that is precisely why my view of the handheld is completely different from yours - I play the handheld predominantly for experiences that you simply cannot create elsewhere with the same effect (Pokemon, Lumines, Meteos, Professor Layton, Picross DS, Advance Wars, etc.). If I wanted to play a game that was similar to a PS2 game, I would play the PS2.

Elven63789d ago

My bad, I thought since it was made by the Demneitum guys it was probably also a M rated game.

Mortal Kombat: Unchained is also another kick ass PSP title, I know they have a MK game on the DS as well, just not sure how well it worked.

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Cajun Chicken3790d ago

Love the PSP. Getting great support again recently. Can't wait for Jak:TLF.

Dragun6193790d ago

Heck yea there supporting PSP, why wouldn't they, it sold around 50 million units. Their lineup for PSP is great.
Can't wait for Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Final Fantasy Dissidia (english ver)
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday
Patapon 2
Rock Band Unplugged
Assassin Creed
Motorstorm: Artic Edge
Little Big Planet
Persona 1 Remake
And of Course Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier

Now all Sony got to do is just integrate the Trophy system with the PSP and it will be perfect!

wanderofys3788d ago

I would kill babies for the Revelations: Persona remake. If I didn't already have a PSP, I'd sell my soul for one for that game alone. Fortunately, I won't have to do that :)

heyheyhey3790d ago

DSi has some good mature games, i personally wouldn't knock it like that

i mean of course the PSP is much more hardcore... but that kinda low-level trash talk is something i'd normally expect from Microsoft, especially [email protected]

Hallucinate3790d ago

uh oh, looks like sonys arrogance is back, sonys obviously scared of nintendo otherwise they wouldnt say this, just like MS said w/e he said about the ps2

syanara3789d ago

this whole article is pretty much an over-generalization of a sony PR statement to make it sound worse than it actually is.

Odion3790d ago

So when a MS PR guy says something negative about the PS3, its them blowing smoke and being egotistical, but when a Sony PR guy says something their speaking unbiased fact?

testerg353790d ago

Shhh.. you know you're not allowed to say anything bad about Sony. They never do anything wrong.

gersh3790d ago

Sony is not being biased.
Games made for the DS are normally aimed at a younger audience. PSP is more for the hardcore gamer.

GCNSeanFoster3790d ago

You are in Sony-Fanboy land when you come here to this site... so it is expected...

swiftshot933790d ago

are you saying the wii and DS arent marketed and aimed towards casual gamers?

Tony P3790d ago

Pretty sad, actually. When you can't catch up, throw stones- Corporate Combat 101. Semantically, he might have a point about the DSi since it just came out. But since the DSi rides the strength of the DS's library, I don't see what he's talking about.

The quote is pretty overblown, riding the bad (although somewhat justified) press the Wii gets this gen. He calls the handheld a kid's toy then in the same breath says PSP's got Hannah Montana. Does anyone somehow find that an unbiased, truthful quote?

Odion3790d ago

He called it the console for children, I am pretty sure everyone an there mother has a DS, there is a massive line up of games for everyone at any age.

7thNightvolley3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

this is the first and only commandment any person on this site MUST obey if u dont!!!! .. u get bubble raped. CAPISH!?.

yeah DSi is shyt PSP win yay!!!!

*damn N4G lool what a site*

3790d ago
Eddie201013790d ago

Sony's PR stuff gets pointed out all the time, if their's can be pointed out, so should the Microsoft PR stuff and so should Nintendo's.

Sony's statement is pretty much true, DSi caters to the casual, family market and woman, just look at there commercials. Same with the Wii, just the way it is. Even though there is M rated games for the DS and DSi, Nintendo does nothing to let people Know they have those types of games. Sony's PSP caters to older gamers and gadjet junkies, just the way it is.

I own both and I rarely play games on either one, but I do listen to music on my PSP quite a bit, pretty darn good MP3 player. Anyway, when a game that I want to play comes out I have them to play it.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3790d ago

So much criticism against N4G for being "teh sony biased" and yet all I see in these few comments is the contrary.

Cheeseknight283790d ago

Get your eyes checked. Barely any of the comments here are against Sony. The fanboy circlejerk on this site will never end.

Anon19743790d ago

Microsoft says things like "Sony is hemorrhaging at retail," which we know simply isn't true because we've seen the numbers. Sony says the PSP is aimed more at adults and Nintendo DS is aimed primarily at kids. This is like saying water's wet. Every sane gamer out there knows this is true. It's not passing judgment, it's just stating what most of us already know. There's nothing wrong appealing to different markets. Hell, everyone knows the PS3 isn't targeted at the same demographic as the Wii. If Sony were to mention that, would you freak out and point fingers at Sony like they were spouting madness instead of something everyone already knows?

I don't understand this "It's so cool to hate Sony" mentality. When, exactly, did gamers stop caring about gaming and start focusing on becoming unpaid corporate mouthpieces in the face of common sense. Nintendo markets primarily to kids. Everyone knows it. Deal with it.

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