Envizions EVO Smart Console

Ubergizmo: "Envizions has a brand new console for the masses - the EVO Smart Console. which will be powered by an AMD Athlon 2.4GHz processor, and will be accompanied by a Fedora-based Linux distro. This open-source console will offer game play, Internet access, VoIP communications and HD video playback in a single box, and is tipped to function with Envizions "cloud" computing service, a place where users can pick up Amiga-based games and an Akimbo-based VOD (video on demand) service where you can choose from over 10,000 titles to keep you entertained. The beta shipment for developers will ship next week with a 100 units available, where more systems will be released later."

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Cajun Chicken3791d ago

"This open-source console will offer game play, Internet access, VoIP communications and HD video playback in a single box, and is tipped to function with Envizions "cloud" computing service, a place where users can pick up Amiga-based games and an Akimbo-based VOD (video on demand) service where you can choose from over 10,000 titles to keep you entertained."

'Amiga-based games'?

DeadlyFire3791d ago

Indeed and 10,000 titles? A hint at what one of them would be maybe. These people need better PR for their product. You can't just throw something out in the wind and expect people to just buy it. We need some sort or presentation showing it off and what it can do.

Cajun Chicken3791d ago

Well, Amiga based games are fine with me, its just that I could save a bomb and just keep the perfectly emulated one I use occasionally and have on the very laptop I'm using. I'll keep an eye on it, but doesn't sound half as cool as the Pandora.

tudors3790d ago

and I would say on paper at least it is more powerfull than the PS3 and the Xbox-360, if it can install PC games that would be good.

Ju3790d ago

Low cost PC repackaged into a small case and some pre-installed / pre-configured SW running on a cut down linux distro. Here. Fixed.


It's for poor markets. I live in Brazil, the homeland of Zeebo, TecToy (the people that still manufacture new versions of old Genesis and Master System software and some games, the same that created Zeebo) said they will not aim for competition with the big 3 because even if they could afford hardware, they couldn't afford waiting/paying to get dev support in poor market (even through Brazil is 9th biggest economy in the world and is still growing regardless of US recession or crysis, but bad distribuition of earnings and cultural matter attain this vision of poor country for most people around here).

Now, with this system, I see where they are coming from. I think this system is way more powerful than Zeebo, still it's going with old/rip-off games, like 3G game distribution in Zeebo. That's don't look to be thanks to hardware limitations, this EVO probably can run games better than Amiga based, but probably getting people to develop and optimize games for this machine is just too hardy for newcomers, getting already made up games is probably a lot easier, so going for cellphone games market, old consoles' games that are no longer protected, or getting old arcade machines games in a console are the only way for those consoles to survive.

And there I think is where lies the problem, those consoles don't go strong in poor market because poor people in those market have higher priorities than gaming.

Those who can just afford gaming will probably go for PS1 or N64, they are cheap, games are cheap and since and the overall quality of games from game-dedicated machines, even if old, is better than games from cellphones or other multi-task machines. Alternatively (althrough not right) those people will buy PS2 or Xbox (or, less commonly, hold the money to get a Xbox 360 or Wii), and pirate their games.

Those who can freely choose gaming in those markets will probably come through a illegal or semi-legal way to acquire a mainstream console. Just to set an example, in Brazil, even through PS3 in the only console that is not sold here, it's still easy to find and the number one seller (much thanks to PS2 brand name and the fact that neigher new gen console have achieved the popular price, but without piracy, when 360 or Wii reach the price, the balance can change), you can find it in Wal-Mart or Carrefour and all of they are smuggle/contraband, since legal import would take too much time and for tax evasion (in my State, São Paulo, the final taxes come as something like 135% over the original value, aside from the store and other people profits, to give you an idea, my PS3 cost me more than a thousand dollars around launch, when the US$ to R$ conversion was way more favorable). My PS3 was acquired like this. And it's not just PS3, 360 and Wii are legally sold around here from MS and Latamel (a firm with the rights to sell Ninty stuff here and other markets of Latin America), but the taxes (since they are imported and not factored here) make most consumers just get those consoles from Paraguay, avoiding taxes. And just like the consoles, most consumers will serach illegal ways to acquire games, so going for segments with more money in poor market don't save you from piracy.

I see the good intention in Zeebo and Evo as cheap consoles and games for people that don't have much money. But piracy and contraband are so deep in most poor and in development countries' culture and market system, that it's almost impossible to them to get any market penetration. I think those people would be better if they were trying to push/represent the big 3 in those poor countries, implementing projects that try to bring the consoles and games to the country, maybe help with getting ways to factory the consoles and games in the country and fighting for tax cuts for this industry, this would probably make them more money, less risk, and let gamers in those places way more happy.

At least around here, the only shining light of hope for a healthy gaming market is Sony that pretends to factor the PS2 in Brazil (and looks like other countries in Latin America, which is great couse there is legal ways to highly cut taxes in trades between countries in Latin America) and maybe later they bring games (funny how most publishers has an office in Brazil but they can't sell PS2 games here cause SCI wasn't represented here), PSP and PS3s. Also, there is a law under vote now (actually, it's up to vote for 3 months now, not a very quick congress) that should put consoles and games in the same category of any computer and software and them they would also get tax cuts from the govern program to digital inclusion. If that fail, people will probably hold their PS2 and pirated games for more 5 years or so here, untill they can trade it for a new gen console and other pirated games.

ChozenWoan3790d ago

You should probably write articles about the South American gaming industry and market. It would be interesting to see more news from this region of the world, seeing as how the US and Canada seem to be the main focus in the Americas.