How Windows 7 Will Finally Kill XP

PC World: "Microsoft for some time has been wanting to kill off XP --- and when Windows 7 hits, the company will finally be able to do it. Here's why Windows 7 will let Microsoft pull the plug.

First off, it's no secret that Vista hasn't been embraced by enterprises, many of whom have treated it like the plague. That's unlikely to be the case with Windows 7. One reason: Vista wouldn't run properly on a fair number of PCs in enterprises when it was initially launched because the hardware wasn't high-powered enough."

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Theoneneo813510d ago

Windows has alot to do if they expect Windows 7 to beat XP i tried it i think its great but i think the majority of the public will be ify on upgrading after the flop of vista but i think eventually 7 will be a sucsses to vista but i dont think anything will ever top xp

y0haN3510d ago

Performance wise I am super happy with Win7, I'll be getting it day 1 for free ;)

CyberCam3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

the fact that Windows 7 will have that Draconian DRM embeded in it, which will not allow you crack any software or rip music CD's or DVD/Blu-ray movies.

It's basically like having the software police looking over your shoulder while you use your PC. The kicker is that 80% of Windows users have at least one software item that is cracked running on their PC's.

So, you will have to buy ALL the software that you run on your PC, or start using open source alternatives. For instance, instead of MS Office... Gimp instead of Adobe Photoshop and so on... and so on. It's going to be very expensive to run Windows 7.

Thank God I run Linux & Macs (although I do have Windows XP, Vista & 7 test machines for support purposes).

Lumbo3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

I hope you DO realize that this slashdot "article" is a complete fake?

The "Author" used a faulty crack for his CS4 and blamed it on Windows, and even blamed obvious driver issues with his sound to "DRM in the OS"

Its a worthless "i hate windows" article.

The easy answer to "why do business people dislike Vista?" is
a) cost of evaluating all the software used right now
b) lack of added productivity compared to WinXP
c) much higher hardware requirements compared to WinXP

Vista costs MORE than XP, but does not do more for the business. It is expensive to check your existing business software against vista, cause unlike private usage you CAN NOT allow to roll out vista to 1000+ PC's without making sure EVERY needed Program keeps working. And it slows down the everyday usage on the same hardware as the minimum reqs are several classes higher than XP.

The company i work for just recently (2 years ago) switched from WinNT4 !!! to WinXP after 3 years of evaluating. This required new hardware for all 10000+ PC workstations. Most Companies sit out one or two windows versions cause of the cost. Windows7 has a higher chance of following WinXP than the crappy WindowsME lookalike Vista.

CyberCam3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

well see if the Draconian DRM is fake or not when we get our hands on the final release of Windows 7. I do have a sneaky suspicious feeling that M$ will ship it without the DRM, BUT have it as a mandatory update (in order to receive future updates, Windows Genuine Advantage anyone!), just like they did with XP.

I do agree with all your points in your "why do business people dislike Vista?" post!

I have migrated over 30% of my small business customers (100 desktop nodes or less) to ubuntu linux with great success. The difference in was the hardware/software price point compared to an M$ solution and the ability to develop/convert their main in-house off the shelf applications to linux (which they'll have no licensing fees & they own the application) or having CrossOver Linux run some of these apps as well.

In the end they usually end up saving thousands of dollars in software & new hardware, and usually have better productivity with less overall downtime I might add!

CRAIG6673509d ago

XP has been great an all but its just old, i think its just about time the dog was out down so to speak,im using windows 7 on my laptop as i type and it feels like a modern OS,when i use my work PC it feels a bit like using an antique toy,to many cobwebs by todays standards.(IMO)

zagibu3509d ago

The simple reason why Windows 7 will be adopted is that people will need more than 3GB of RAM, and XP 32bit doesn't support more. In two years, 4GB RAM for gaming rigs will be standard, so Gamers will be FORCED to run Windows 7 (or Vista). XP 64bit just doesn't work.

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Bubble Buddy3510d ago

By using XP, and calling it a new name :), jk.

zagibu3509d ago

Actually, it will be the opposite. They will call Windows 7 "XP SE", and this alone will propel it into every business.

ThatCanadianGuy3510d ago

Ahh damn you ! I was just about to submit this :(

rogimusprime3510d ago

well, except windows ME. remember that rubbish? M$ swept that under rug sooooo fast.

Anyway, i will keep my copy of XP in a safe until they release something better.

Hopefully windows 7 does the trick.

Why the name 7 anyway? (95 98 2000 ME XP VISTA).....oh...nevermind.

FerretWithASpork3510d ago

I've never understood peoples problems with Vista. I use it, and everything works fine.

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